Prepare Your Home for Entertaining

How To Prepare Your Home for Entertaining

Is your home ready for entertaining? Whether you like to have a few friends over for dinner or want a big backyard bash, you have plenty to do to get ready for company.

Besides creating a menu or sending out invitations, you should consider if your home needs some attention before your guests arrive. The environment plays a big role in making your home warm, inviting, and comfortable.

These suggestions can help you organize your house for memorable entertaining with friends and family.

Enter Like a Guest

Put yourself in your guest’s shoes by coming into the house from the front door. What do you notice as you look around? Does it look polished and sophisticated like an interior design Santa Barbara showroom, or does it feel like it needs some attention?

While you may not be able to change everything that stands out to you, you can address some of those concerns that may detract from an otherwise positive first impression. Take note of these things in particular:

  • Is the lighting adequate?
  • Do you have room for coats, hats, or umbrellas?
  • What about the scents; are cooking odors trapped in your entryway?

Expand Your Seating

Think about the number of guests you plan to have and what kind of event you want to host. If it’s your turn for supper club, make sure you have enough chairs for each guest to sit and dine together.

Expand Your Seating

On the other hand, a casual drop-in may not need one seat per guest, especially if you serve light refreshments. Your goal should be a balance between comfort for your company and enough room to mingle.

Envision The Ambiance

A successful party can boil down to the atmosphere. To set the tone, include music that does not interfere with conversation. Arrange candles for soft accent lighting, but skip any overly fragrant ones that may overpower.

Brighten up the space with arrangements of flowers wholesale West Hollywood. Set up food stations or a bar using existing furniture to encourage guests to move around. Make your home the kind of place you would want to visit or hang out.

Empty The Surfaces

Clutter has no place during your shindig. Clear off countertops and tables to remove papers, magazines, remotes, or other stuff that may make your room look busy or messy. It’s best to have open space for your friends to set down a drink or plate. Have a system for those items you stow away so that you can find them later after your company leaves.

Expand the Conversation

Another way to capture the attention of your party-goers is with carefully curated items that spark discussion. For example, display family photographs or artworks to add interest to a room. If you are unsure how to decorate a blank wall, get ideas from interior design websites or magazines to balance your room or create a focal point.

Hopefully, these entertaining ideas give you some food for thought beyond the typical aspects of party planning. There is nothing wrong with colorful streamers and balloons, but to elevate your entertaining game, you may want to skip the usual decorations and opt instead for understated elegance.