How to Spice up Your Dorm Room for Spring

How To Spice Up Your Dorm Room For Spring

One of the best ways to kickstart your semester is to manage your living space. Living in a dorm, you don’t have much creative freedom to express yourself. If you share your space with another student, communicate with them how you both can refresh the decor. Rearranging your space can help you strengthen your relationship with your roommate.

As the spring semester slowly approaches, try new ideas to liven up your room. While you manage your homework with essay writing service by EssayHub, start with small steps. You can make a list of ideas you like the most. Take your time with your image boards and ideas because you don’t want to rush into changing everything.

Remember that you don’t have to spend tons of money to give your space a makeover. It can be anything from DIY projects to thrift store finds that spark your interest.

Start with decluttering

Most problems arise from the fact that your room is stuffed with things you don’t need. You can try and reorganize them, but they still will take up the majority of your space. It feels burdensome to return to your dorm when you have chaos everywhere. The first step of any makeover is to revise everything you have and get rid of things that don’t serve you anymore.

Get your time with decluttering. It may take more than one day to gather everything and then decide whether you want to send it to trash or charity. While you are preoccupied with this step, leave your homework to the best essay hub review to buy essay and keep up with your deadlines.

Plan your space

The next step is to figure out how to use your space effectively. Maximize the capacity of your closet and use drawers to make your room tidy. You can simply buy new things and throw them all over the place, but it would be less satisfying than planning. Planning will help you avoid clutter and simplify your next deep cleaning session in the future.

Wall storage

If you have limited closet space or drawers to organize your things, consider buying wall storage. They come in all shapes and forms and can add to your original ideas for redecorating your room. You can also utilize wall storage to its max capacity in terms of productivity. For instance, you can add a schedule, a list of assignments to share with top paper writing services, and other organizational details that stay in front of you.

How to Spice up Your Dorm Room for Spring 2

Experiment with color

Many people are reluctant to experiment with different color pallets and combinations. You may be a person who loves one color and doesn’t want to bring more of them into the picture. Try different shades of your favorite color to organize your space in a monochromatic scheme. Instead of a dull and overwhelming palette consisting of one color, you get fresh and unique decor.

The colorful scheme can improve your mood and boost your productivity. Ask any professional, from an essay writer to a marketing specialist, they are more likely to stay productive in spaces that have a touch of color. Don’t be afraid to bring some new ideas with small decor details – maybe cute statues or plush toys.

Add led tea lights

Led tea lights are a safe alternative to classic tea lights that can bring an artistic touch to your room. It creates a perfect ambiance for evening parties or study sessions with an essay writing service. There is no limit on colors and intensity of light, so you have a list of options to consider.

Arrange them in a way that suits you best. Another option is string lights that you can attach to walls or furniture.

Tapestry or rugs

One of the best ways to adjust your space is by adding a unique touch with rugs or tapestry. You can order custom pieces or find them in thrift shops for a lower price. You have a unique chance to spice up your room without occupying too much space. Just remember to clean the pieces if you got them from a dusty store to avoid allergies or funky smells.

Mood boards

Add a mood board to your wall to visualize your goals and ideas. You can DIY your mood board as you wish, either by buying a piece from a furniture store or just attaching pictures to walls. You can add pictures with your friends or stick to a theme of aesthetic pictures.


Adding plants to your room is always a good idea. Plants are proven to improve your mood, clean the air, and they are a beautiful decor solution. Caring for your plant also adds a new responsibility to your list and allows you to have a new routine. If you are new to plants, find or buy the one that requires the least care.

Be sure to put them where they get enough sunlight and feel comfortable. You can opt for fake plants, but they don’t bring as much joy as real ones.

The bottom line

Changing and adding new things to your room decor is always a good idea to avoid getting stuck. More versatile decor can improve your mood and inspire you to new achievements. However, it shouldn’t be overwhelming. After all, you are going back to your dorm to restore your energy, not feel drained from the abundance of small sculptures, disorganized color, or dusty rugs.