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How To Track Amazon Sales?

The greatest weapon that 99% of Amazon sellers are missing out on is external traffic. It’s a form of advertising that could help you outperform the competition in terms of sales, search engine rankings, and customer feedback.

Nevertheless, when your sales funnel begins on one platform and concludes on Amazon, it becomes more complicated to track and optimize everything along the way. Because it is so challenging to extract information from Amazon, many vendors who experiment with external traffic end up disappointed.

I’m happy to report that this is excellent news for you. Why? Because if you can get to the right information, you’ll be able to outperform the competition in terms of external traffic campaigns. Find out more here

Some of the ways in which visitors from outside your site can help you are as follows:

Increased Sales

If you can reach more people through more different mediums, including platforms like Facebook Ads and Google Ads, you can theoretically make more money. It’s not rocket science. If you’re having trouble generating enough revenue through paid search or organic results alone, paid advertising platforms can help you generate a lot more revenue to reinvest in your business. Additionally, utilizing amazon software can further expand your reach and revenue potential. These software solutions are specifically designed to optimize your presence on the Amazon marketplace, increase visibility, and drive sales. By leveraging a combination of paid advertising platforms and Amazon software, you can maximize your earning potential and grow your business effectively.

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Better Rankings

More sales result in greater than just more cash. An increase in sales typically results in a rise in the search engine ranks. Since sales velocity is a major feature in Amazon’s search algorithm, increasing sales through channels outside of Amazon can boost your sales on the marketplace.

Enhancing Reviewer Accessibility Through Improved Communication

Review requests on Amazon are strictly governed, but when reaching out to customers elsewhere, you have a lot more leeway. Customers who find your products through Facebook or Google can be contacted via email, Messenger, or text message to leave reviews, increasing the number of helpful feedbacks you receive. You can utilize the Amazon order ID to keep tabs on your customers’ purchases. Read more here.

An Opportunity to Advertise Your Product

There are restrictions on how much you can advertise your brand on Amazon, just as there are restrictions on what you can say whenever you ask for reviews. They want the Amazon name to stick in customers’ minds, not yours.

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If you want to increase trust, sales, and repeat consumers, marketing outside of Amazon is the way to do it.

Building an Audience

In addition to expanding your customer base, you may expand your brand’s visibility. The fact that you don’t have ownership over your customer base makes you completely dependent on Amazon’s decision to keep you as a seller on their marketplace.

If you want to start establishing your own audience, rather than relying solely on Amazon’s, you might consider creating a presence as well as marketing outside of Amazon, such as a Facebook fan page or email list. If you ever get in problems with Amazon’s Terms of Service or see a drop in ranks for whatever reason, this information will be invaluable to you.

Why is This Important?

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The success of any advertising effort relies heavily on careful monitoring and fine-tuning. You have no idea if your advertising strategy is growing your profit or causing you to lose money because you are spending more than you are receiving in return unless you track the results.

Not only that, but you won’t have any idea how to enhance the efficiency of your advertisements. Most advertising initiatives have certain issues when they first launch. Before you can see a return on your investment, you’ll need to do some research and tweaking (ROI). You can only learn this, though, if you keep score.

Here are three ways you can track sales on Amazon:

Promo Codes

One easy way to measure the success of your advertising is to use discount codes in conjunction with your external traffic funnel.

If you’re trying to get people to click on your ad on Facebook, Google, or email, you can consider including a coupon code for a tiny discount in the text of the ad itself (or email copy). People who click on your link and end up purchasing your product will almost probably redeem the code.

You can easily see how many purchases were made because of your offer by checking the sales data and narrowing the results by the ID of the promotion code.

If you’re going to use discount codes for conversion tracking, you should create a separate promotion for every traffic source and assign it a unique tracking ID.

Landing Pages

With Landing Page Discount Codes, you can track Amazon sales without an issue. You should utilize a landing page alongside this for a more in-depth look into your funnel. Send consumers to a landing page before your Amazon link in advertising and emails.

Promo codes can be used as a means of sales tracking, so be sure to include them on your landing page. You can identify where people are leaving your funnel and gain further information by embedding analytics code into your landing page.

Amazon Attribution

Lastly, there is a resource that may help brand-registered sellers better monitor and optimize their external traffic initiatives. Amazon Attribution is a newer tool that allows vendors to track the success of their advertisements across several platforms.

How it works is by appending a tag to URLs, which then monitors what users do after clicking them. This implies that you will be able to track the number of clicks, adds to carts, and conversions associated with a given URL.

Just make sure to set up a unique tracking URL for each source of traffic, whether that’s from the outside or from within the confines of a certain campaign or split test.

Possible Facebook ad test setup: three variations on the same ad, each with a different image to evaluate which one yields better results. By assigning a different URL to each of the 3 test ads, you can monitor not only which one receives the most clicks, but also which one, if any, generates the most purchases, thanks to Amazon Attribution.

Attribution works well with the other techniques and can be used in conjunction with them. Simply replace this link with the Amazon link on your landing page. Then, assign a distinct Attribute to each test or channel by creating a separate landing page for each.