How to Upgrade Your Home Security System

How to Upgrade Your Home Security System

The more technologically advanced our world becomes, the more opportunities people will have to protect their homes. The market for home security systems is expanding because of this, and also because people are beginning to recognize the importance of protecting their belongings. Even in older homes, there are many ways to make it more secure. Here are a few easy ways to beef up your traditional home security system:

Invest in IoT applications

There are IoT applications that allow you to monitor your home with the push of a button. They are usually connected through your smartphone, and they often come in the form of sensors or cameras. Not all IoT apps are wireless, but the ones that make it easier for you set up surveillance without having wires running all over your house. Many people use them as a supplement to their existing security system.

A few good smart home applications include Nest Cam indoor/outdoor cameras, Amazon Echo, and the Honeywell smart thermostat.

How to Upgrade Your Home Security System

Update your locks

If you keep the old lock on your door because it’s still working fine, great. But if you want to make sure that nobody who shouldn’t be in the house has access, consider upgrading it to a better one. There are many other forms of protection for doors besides deadbolts like touchpad or fingerprint operated locks. There are even types of alarm systems that will go off when you lock the door.

Secure your window panes

People often have bars on their windows because they are afraid of being robbed or breaking in through there, but some people forget to take the same precautions with their sliding glass doors. Bars are not always permanent fixtures so if you’re worried about someone getting in through the patio door, you should invest in something that will stop would-be burglars. This can be as simple as putting a dowel rod between the handles or buying a piece of metal to slide over it, but there are other options if those don’t appeal to you.

Use smart locks

If you use smart locks, you never need to worry about forgetting to lock your door again. With a click of a button or a voice command, you can secure your home remotely from your mobile devices. Some smart locks will only lock the door after they recognize that it has been closed all the way so there’s no chance of anyone pushing it open from the inside, and they also have an alarm system in place to alert you if someone is trying to tamper with them.

An upgrade doesn’t mean you have to install an entirely new home security system. There are many options that can make your current one more secure such as replacing the locks, upgrading your windows and doors (with shatterproof glass), and adding locks to sliding doors and windows. It’s important for you to know your home and think about the ways someone could get inside it. If you can do that, you should be able to stop a lot of potential criminals from getting too close to your belongings.