HUAWEI best headphones and headset in 2020

Bluetooth headphones and headsets have become an integral part of people’s lives and the former wireless models have become more popular. There are different models of shelves in the store. But it should be remembered that not every device corresponds to the concept of “price-quality”. Today our review will show you a rating of the most popular accessories for listening to music from the Chinese brand Huawei. 

What are we for?

Bluetooth headsets have long captured the hearts of diplomats and entrepreneurs. Still, the device is hands-free and allows you to drive or sign a contract while talking on the phone. Devices are divided into 2 types:

Traditional the device is fixed on one ear. The technical specifications consist of one audio channel. Suitable for business people who need to stay connected and don’t need a mobile phone. The headset is small; the buttons are on the body. Listening to audio files is problematic because there is only one headphone. If users like listening to music for communication, you should seriously consider choosing headphones.

This accessory can direct the sound of music to your ears by drowning out outside noise. In transport, this is salvation. In addition, all answers of the interlocutor will remain confidential. Manufacturers offer models with wire and without horns … For obvious reasons, music lovers do not like using wired devices. Below we will talk about all the advantages and disadvantages of devices for communication and audio listening; we will give the main criteria for choosing a quality accessory.

The best headphones and headsets of Huawei

We have compiled a list of popular gadget models and data reviews. Commercially available devices are considered. The price varies from 1000R to 10,000R.

HUAWEI best headphones and headset

Huawei AM13 headphones

Open the rating of universal gadgets with a microphone. Looking at it, I immediately wanted to note the stylish design. The beautiful metal case has a matte finish and won’t dirty your fingers. Each side is signed with the letter L or R. The cable looks soundly like a “meat”, length is 110 cm. The quality of the plug and the structure is generally satisfactory. The mesh on the conductor is the best. An interesting feature of the AM13 is the selection of sound modes – music lovers can listen to the normal version or listen to music in Bass mode. The playback method can be changed by rotating the conductor.

The control buttons are located on a metal block and consist of 3 plastic buttons. Users can increase or decrease the volume, play, and pause and double click to turn on the next song, press it hard but not play. The great advantage of the headset is that high-frequency high-quality sound is played clearly and easily without noise, mid and low frequencies sound a little worse, they lack airiness. I want to improve the bass mode and make it more harmonious.

The manufacturer provides the user with 6 attachments in sets of 3 of each size and a case for storing the device. Unfortunately, due to the non-standard tip, not all ear pads can be used. In addition, some users have reported that it is not easy to work with. It is associated with short audio instructions. As a result, the device does not sit firmly in the ear.

Huawei AM60 headphones

Still rated for Bluetooth headphones with MIC and iPhone support, the device is virtually weightless, weighing only 17 grams, so the accessory can easily be carried in your pocket. The appearance is quite modern and strict. The headset has standard control buttons. The manufacturer also offers 3 pairs of replacement ear pads. The battery capacity is 110 MAH, which will give you the opportunity to talk on the phone and listen to music for 6 hours.

It is worth noting that if it is planned to increase operating time, it is better to consider another model. Charge the device using a USB cable for 2 hours. The range is 10 meters, which is ensured by using the modern version of Bluetooth 4.1. Good and spacious sound can be observed in the work of technology. Music is played sternly and cleans while words are spoken accurately without any distortion. Reduce noise to an appropriate level the manufacturer has come up with a moisture-proof function in this model, so even when playing sports sweat does not hinder. We also noticed that when running, the AM60 doesn’t slip out of the ear due to a half arc on each side that determines the position of the device in the ear.

Huawei Free Buds Headphones

Chinese heroes – Bluetooth headphones with microphones – are very expensive. The accessory has a plug-in (plug) appearance, the price of the official manufacturer will be almost 10 thousand rubles, but Free Buds are very popular. The manufacturer offers 2 colors to choose from – white and black. The surface is glossy, so fingerprints remain, you will have to wipe it more often. The design is simple. The connector is USB Type-C type.

The price depends on the power of the accessory – the manufacturer has provided the model with a 55 MAH Li-ion battery and guarantees 10 hours of listening to your favorite music and communicating on a smartphone. Headphones can be in standby mode or 40 hours, charge within an hour. The weight of the gadget is even less than the Huawei AM60 and is 5.6 grams. Fluffy is nothing else. The Huawei brand pays special attention to the storage of the headphones in the box, which is the carrier for charging accessories. To connect Free Buds, you need to open the case and press the button on the case. When connected, the blue light will be on. Further synchronization will occur automatically. The indicator is also shown on the housing, the red and green lights will be on depending on the amount of charge remaining. 

Handy stuff, we’ve noticed that it’s cordless and waterproof, meaning this accessory is perfect for running. Even in heavy rain, the device won’t wear out. The built-in G-sensor lets you answer calls using touch. This function is useful for sports, just tap the plug twice is enough and the call will be accepted. And with two more presses, the call ends. Use the same format when playing music no track rewind The ENC noise-canceling system is built into the gut to keep outside noise from distracting you from studying or chatting. Even on the subway, it’s easy to talk on the phone.

The accessory supports the A2DP profile, which provides a high-quality signal when listening to music. Infrared sensors are installed on each side, which accurately detects whether the “plug” is in the ear. The diaphragm is 7mm, so the bass sound is natural and clear. Free Buds support Bluetooth 4.2, so they can usually pick up phones within a radius of 10 meters. Set up your iPad, TV, or stereo. The Huawei Free Buds fully charges in 1 hour, but a 15-minute charge gives you 1.5 hours of music enjoyment.


The ranking of huawe accessories is not accidental. The manufacturer pays most attention to the production of quality equipment. Each ear bud and headset has basic features that allow users to loosen their grip and enjoy their music. Choosing a technical tool, the user must decide on the main purpose of the accessory. After that, pay attention to characteristics such as the type of device, battery availability and build quality. When playing sports, especially jogging, accessories must be moisture resistant, as sweat can damage technical equipment over time.

Focusing on the budget and parameters of the headphones, it is quite possible to choose a device for your smartphone and provide hands-free calling. We have reviewed only 6 devices from Huawei that are offered for sale. After a detailed review of each, it should be noted: the higher the price of the accessory, the more the manufacturer invests in its functionality. Most of the battery and moisture protection functions are found on the mid- and high-end models. However, as stated above, you can buy high-quality headphones or a headset at a very affordable price.