Introducing the Exclusive Ergonomic Chair (C8)

Indulge in Luxury: Introducing the Exclusive Ergonomic Chair (C8)

Embrace the OC14: A Marvel of Modern Luxury

Elevate your office experience with the OC14, a masterpiece that redefines the concept of a luxurious seating solution. The marriage of refined seat structure and cutting-edge ergonomic design culminates the ultimate office chair experience, delivering opulence like never before. It is the ideal Ergonomic Chair you can ever own.

Simplicity, Transcending Excellence

Witness the fusion of form and function in the OC14’s back frame, a harmonious blend of PU soft plastic and resilient hard plastic. The strategically placed PU soft plastic conforms intimately to your back, intuitively adapting to your body weight to provide personalized back support. Your comfort takes center stage as the OC14 effortlessly harmonizes simplicity with outstanding ergonomic design.

Unleash the Power of Adjustment

The OC14’s ingenious seat adjustment mechanism caters to the diverse needs of users. Dynamic automatic adjustments based on weight and height ensure unparalleled support, effortlessly adapting to your unique physique. Experience a seat that mirrors the contours of your body, delivering the epitome of ergonomic perfection as you engage in your daily tasks.

A Symphony of Innovation: The Brand New Armrest

In a nod to sophistication, the OC14’s new armrest design takes inspiration from the sleek lines of a sports car. Elevate your experience with operational finesse as the handrail lifting control grants you control reminiscent of driving a high-performance vehicle. Your workspace transforms into a realm of elegance and productivity.

Sculpted for Your Comfort: Adjustable Headrest

The OC14’s headrest brings forth a new dimension of comfort with its customizable adjustability. Accommodating various preferences, the arch-shaped design cradles your cervical vertebrae, ensuring a natural fit. Bid farewell to discomfort as pressure dissipates, leaving you free to immerse yourself in your tasks.

Strength Meets Elegance: The Aluminium Alloy Chassis

Navigate your workspace with grace and quietude, courtesy of the OC14’s silent and smooth PU wheels. These wheels glide seamlessly, minimizing disruptions and safeguarding your flooring. Merging strength and elegance, the OC14’s aluminum alloy chassis adds a touch of refinement to its exceptional functionality.

Discover Modern Luxury: Technical Specifications

Explore the OC14’s technical prowess, featuring a gas lift of 22.05”, a tilt angle of 30°, and a 3D lifting armrest. The backrest boasts PU soft plastic material, while the chassis hails from Italy’s DONATI lineage. With a chair height spanning 46.46-49.61 inches and a headrest that adjusts up and down within a 1.97-inch range, the OC14 epitomizes custom comfort.

A Glance at Dimensions and Weight

The OC14 stands at a height between 46.46 and 49.61 inches, with the armrest at its lowest position measuring 23.62 inches. The head support adjusts within a 12.5° angle. Weighing 45.2 lbs, the OC14’s package dimensions are 31.5 × 15.7 × 25.2 inches. The distance between the ground and the seat ranges from 18.5 to 21.26 inches.

Unveil Your Ideal Seating Experience

Benjamin L. extols OC14’s virtues, stating, “The Chair Pro OC14 is a remarkable investment in health and comfort. Its ergonomic design seamlessly melds with the human body, ensuring optimal seating during work hours. The adjustable seat caters to my weight and height, enhancing comfort. If you seek maximum support and comfort, the Chair Pro OC14 is your ultimate choice.”

Welcome to the Future of Luxurious Seating

Elevate your office space with the OC14, where opulence and ergonomic excellence converge. Immerse yourself in the lap of luxury while achieving unparalleled productivity and well-being. Experience the OC14 – your gateway to the epitome of modern luxury.