Industrial Air Conditioning Service

Industrial Air Conditioning Service: Factors That Affect Your Industrial Air Conditioner’s Lifespan

Air conditioners aren’t built to last forever, and when it’s an industrial air conditioner, expect a reduced life expectancy. Nonetheless, it’s essential to note that routine maintenance by an entity revered for top-notch industrial air conditioning services can increase your industrial AC’s lifespan.

But let’s say you’re used to regular ACs and would like an industrial air conditioner installed on your business premises. Although most air conditioning companies in Brisbane create rock-solid industrial ACs, did you know that certain factors could affect their longevity?

Notable mentions include:

1.      Quality Maintenance

The maintenance quality you receive depends on the “commercial air conditioning maintenance in Brisbane” service you patronise. By hiring a competent industrial air conditioning service for regular maintenance, your AC can last up to 20 years and more.

However, besides engaging the services of a reputable company, it’s up to you to perform routine maintenance checks weekly.

During these assessments, ensure you look out for the following:

  • The Beaker: Watch out for a tripped fuse
  • The Thermostat: Check its temperature setting and see whether it needs new batteries
  • The Filter: If clogged, change it

Furthermore, check if there’s ice on the unit. If there is, let the ice melt away, or turn on the fan to quicken the melting process. Also check for dirt in your AC ducts; if they exist, clean them.

2.      Surroundings

If your industrial AC’s external component is positioned near landscaping, check them regularly for leaves and other debris. Once twigs and leaves accumulate, they impede airflow, disrupting your industrial air conditioner’s functioning.

Since extended air blocks can reduce the life cycle of your industrial AC, go the extra mile to clean the outer part of the air conditioner. By doing this regularly, you’ll rarely resort to the services of experts at industrial air conditioning service entities known for air conditioning maintenance in Brisbane.

To lessen the possibility of twigs and leaves getting stuck in the industrial AC’s external component, trim all shrubs and bushes nearby.

3.      Quality Installation

Some people opt for the Do It Yourself (DIY) route to install industrial air conditioners. Although this might be a cost-effective path, not having the technical expertise to execute this delicate activity can reduce an industrial AC’s longevity.

Industrial Air Conditioning Service 2

As such, when it comes to industrial AC installation, you can’t afford to employ less than the best Brisbane commercial electrical services offering a unique set of air conditioning services in Brisbane.

Hence, ensure your chosen AC installation entity can install industrial air conditioning units according to your building’s blueprint. If you engage a company that doesn’t tick these boxes, your industrial air conditioner installation will feature issues that could prove pricey in the long run.

Before hiring an industrial AC installation firm, ensure they use blueprints, system manuals and building codes when performing installations.

4.      Run Time

Another thing that could affect your industrial AC’s life cycle is how long it runs daily. If you have a business that requires its usage for more than 18 hours a day, it’ll invariably experience rapid wear and tear.

As such, installing backup and smaller ACs in your business premises will be best. That way, you can disable the industrial air conditioner at intervals, thus extending its lifespan.


This article has highlighted the main factors that affect an industrial AC’s longevity. If you want your industrial AC to serve you for a long time, the first step is to get the most qualified industrial air conditioning services to install and maintain it periodically, at least twice a year.