Interesting Glock Upgrades That You Can Do Yourself

Interesting Glock Upgrades That You Can Do Yourself

It’s simple to modify your Glock to look good on social media, but it’s much more challenging to choose modifications that will improve performance while maintaining factory reliability. With so many options, it can be difficult to distinguish between high-quality components enhancing your pistol and those merely ornamental.

Glock Perfection does not require perfection just because it can customize your pistol to fit whatever function you use. The Glock can handle nearly every handgun owner in the world and is most likely the best-duty pistol ever made in stock form. We will talk about best Glocks accessories today and how to improve them.

What Are The Best Glock Upgrades And Accessories?

By including these improvements and extras, your pistol will get better. Thanks to them, you can make shots more quickly and precisely. Whether you are adding these upgrades and Glock accessories to a carry gun or have just purchased a new one and want the best Glock self-defense pistol, they will improve your Glock.

Every Glock has a stock trigger that could be better, but it’s also okay. There is much room for development, and it’s only decent. Due to the Glock platform’s popularity, there are numerous options available.

Most Glock trigger upgrades can be set up without a gunsmith’s help. Simply some patience and essential tools are required. You are missing out on using an upgraded trigger if you have never done so. Your accuracy will increase significantly with better motivation.

1) Custom Glock Slide-Back Plates

One of the most well-liked and simple ways to modify your Glock is with custom Glock slide backplates. Backplates, called slide plates for Glocks, can be swapped out as required.


Other accessories for personalizing your Glock range from complete conversion kits and lights to expanded magazines and lasers. As we’ve already mentioned, the Glock is one of the market’s most adaptable and versatile handguns, and the range of Glock accessories for the upgrade is constantly expanding.

2) Grip Plugs

A grip plug is an excellent Glock accessory that you can use to customize your handgun. Glock grip plugs are made to fit into the opening in the back of the frame, keeping dust and other debris out of the gun’s internals.

Some grip plugs claim they can guide the magazine into the mag well, add weight, and lessen recoil.

3) Glock Gunsmith Tools

Gunsmith tools designed specifically for the Glock are an example of a valuable accessory that doesn’t necessarily make a visual statement about who you are. The Disassembly Punch Tool for Armorers is helpful.

It went more quickly and easily by taking out the locking block, trigger housing, and trigger pins from your Glock. This is a fantastic addition to your cleaning kit and one of the best Glock upgrades.

4) Aftermarket Sights

The Glock is made to be dependable and easy to use. This lends a no-frills feel and style to the majority of the parts. The factory sights are excellent, but there is room for performance and aesthetic improvement.

Upgraded sights can be a subtle form of personalization, and there are so many options available that you’re sure to find something you like.

5) Magazine Base Plates

Like Glock backplates, Glock magazine base plates are easy to swap out, come in various designs, and can even be ordered in custom sizes.

In A Nutshell

If you are reading this, you have a Glock and plan to use it. Consider it a continuation or mirror image of your identity. The fact that you can easily modify your Glock to reflect your personality better is all the more alluring.

Enjoy yourself while browsing the accessories, and use these pointers to customize your Glock to work best for you and your Glock.