Introduction to Cloud Storage Platforms

Introduction to Cloud Storage Platforms

Cloud storage is not a new thing. Today, most of the internet works over the cloud, and almost every business utilizes cloud storage platforms. A statistics report shows that cloud storage has worldwide 60% of corporate data stored. And 90% of the big companies have instilled multi-cloud networks for their needs.

Since the 1960s, cloud computing and storage have grown at a tremendous pace. Back then, cloud service providers would provide small storage spaces to companies to store their data and files. Now, the cloud servers and network handle several terabits of data. The cloud service provider receives, stores, manages, organizes, and protects the data as a service. This way, the information is easily accessible, and the space is scalable to as much as you want. Plus, you can share or transfer data via phone and work on it or discuss it from anywhere in the world. To do exactly that, all you need is reliable and high-speed internet. However, it is better that you choose a vendor that provides both internet and phone services, like Optimum internet, so you don’t have to go anywhere else.

So, this is what a cloud storage platform is and its uses. Moving on, we will learn how it works and its benefits and drawbacks for a business.

How Does Cloud Storage Work?

A cloud storage platform works simply by storing your data and making it available for you. However, it is not free, especially for businesses, and comes in different plans and pricing. And with so many options, it isn’t easy to choose one. Still, don’t worry; we have talked about the best cloud storage platform. Right now, we will discuss why it is better to use a cloud storage platform and what difficulties you should be aware of.

Advantages of Cloud Storage

There are several advantages of using cloud storage platforms. The following are some of the biggest ones.

Wide Use

The first major benefit of cloud storage platforms revolves around their usability. Most cloud storage services have a friendly and easy interface and even have a drag-and-drop feature. For example, think about Google Drive and how easy it is to work through it. You can easily save a file, edit and save it, and download it anywhere you want. Moreover, you can do this from your mobile app.

Easy Sharing

The main purpose of cloud storage platforms is to speed up work and make collaboration easier. In simple terms, cloud storage makes file and data sharing fast and effortless. For instance, you can upload a file from anywhere using your computer or mobile phone. After that, to share, you can copy the drive link or add as many people as you want.

Fast Access

If file and data sharing is easier using cloud storage, so is accessing them. Nowadays, there are many cloud storage options available, and almost everyone has access to it. Some of them also offer free limited storage, so you don’t even have to buy a subscription to be a part of the work. Also, there is no need to carry your laptop or a USB flash drive. With the cloud, you can access, read, write, and save a file easily and fast, even from your mobile phone.

File Backup

At some point, you must have experienced a hard drive or USB drive die on you when you needed it the most. Or your laptop or mobile phone got damaged and no way left to recover the data. It is a nuisance and can make all your efforts and work useless in an instant. However, with cloud storage, you don’t have to worry about losing any precious data. Everything is saved on the cloud and backed up in case any emergency occurs.

Highly Scalable

Every cloud storage platform is highly flexible and scalable. If you started off with a basic plan with a low storage capacity, you could upgrade it anytime you want. Also, you don’t have to move your data between locations. The service provider will adjust the extra storage in your current plan.

Disadvantages of Cloud Storage

As with everything else, cloud storage also comes with a few drawbacks. Here are some of them.

Security and Privacy

Since cloud storage platforms have higher fees, as you go up on storage, it gets hard for some. This is where people try to look for free storage solutions, and that is where they make a mistake. You may eventually find a free platform offering thousands of gigabits of storage, but that is just a façade. These scam offers will steal or delete your data without you knowing it. Another security concern is the fear that the service provider may read through your data. So, the security and privacy concern will always remain, but some vendors provide the utmost security. Also, they have strict rules and even encryptions that prevent anyone from accessing your data.

Vulnerable to Attacks

Another big drawback of cloud storage is vulnerability to online attacks, malware, and hackers. If your cloud service provider gets hit by a cyberattack, your data and files are also at risk. Also, the vendor itself can be the perpetrator and may sell your information to a third party.

Technical Problems

Technical difficulties and issues can happen to anyone at any time. Since cloud storage is also technology, it is only as robust as a computer system and may face trouble sometimes. These problems are not limited to natural disasters, server breakdowns, power outages, network disturbances, etcetera. The thing is, how well and fast do they recuperate?

Internet Dependency

Since the whole cloud storage platform works over the internet, you will need a reliable connection to use it. You can contact your ISP for an upgrade if your current download and upload speeds are insufficient.


Some of the top and best cloud storage platforms have expensive packages. They are created according to the business’ standards and include all the relevant features. For a small team or individual access, you can look for a package that best suits your needs.


Cloud storage platforms have risen drastically in the last few decades. Every industry, from big to small, is using cloud storage services because it is a big thing moving forward. If used correctly, it can change the way people work and make everything fast and easy. Moreover, communication and collaboration are also convenient from around the world.

However, it does have some downsides to it as well, but nothing is unresolvable. So, all in all, cloud storage is the way to go today, tomorrow, and in the future.