Is It Necessary To Use Humidifiers For Babies

Is it necessary to use humidifiers for babies

When you are expecting, all family members will be busy preparing for the baby’s arrival.

Formulas, diapering essentials, cute clothes, baby room furniture, and a lot!  

They also read many articles about raising kids and how to make the house ready for them to familiarize themselves with how a tiny creature will change their whole home and life.

Don’t forget the advice from the most famous pediatricians in the world!

Personally, those are my favorite ones!

It seems that nothing is forgotten, and everyone is waiting for a miracle…

Most new parents go through this situation, so don’t panic! are not alone!

But besides clothes and food, the sleeping place must be properly prepared..

A child, especially a newborn, simply needs a healthy microclimate, which many people forget about for some reason! 

A good microclimate for a child cannot be in a room with a less than 50% humidity level.

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Is It Necessary To Use Humidifiers For Babies?

As we all feel it.. The air in our houses and rooms is, most of the time, dry! 

During the cold months, heating radiators operate at full capacity to keep the house warm, which lowers the air humidity to deficient levels.

Characteristics of kids’ humidifiers must be taken into consideration before choosing one.

First of all, the baby’s humidifier should be safe and effective; it should not cause any discomfort to the child and operate in silence.

It is very good that the air humidifier for newborns is as autonomous as possible!

Furthermore, it should filter the air to get rid of dust and various inclusions.

Which Humidifier To Choose For Kids?

  • A traditional humidifier:

Again, using a humidifier can undoubtedly increase the humidity in the room.

It works by exposing a strong airflow on a special spongy material saturated with water.

But we all know that active evaporation of a liquid can be created by increasing the temperature and strengthening the airflow.

It is not advisable to use a strong airflow in a children’s room, so this device is not suitable as a humidifier for children.

  • A steam climate equipment:

These steam machines have a high performance, as they quickly raise the humidity in the children’s room.

However, they make the room’s temperature higher than usual, causing a high discomfort for babies.

But if your kid is 7 years old or above, you can use a steam humidifier that is equipped with a hygrometer for automatic shutdown.

  • Nozzle apparatus for humidification:

The device operation system works by creating high pressure in the water system and supplying it to get a fan spray through the nozzle.

But, in this case, the quality of the fluid supplied will play a significant role. 

If it contains a large amount of mineral salts, they will certainly clog the nozzle, thus, affecting the quality of aerosol creation.

But it is tough to call a nozzle climate device a silent air humidifier for a nursery.

  • Air Wash Machines: 

This airflow cleaner works by contacting the air mixture with the wet drum surface inside the device.

The fan supplies air to the drum, where it is cleaned and saturated with water vapor.

Usually, it operates in a silent mood, needs low maintenance, and has a simple operating system.

These machines are very safe, and best of all, they don’t cause any drafts. 

However, the only disadvantage of such a climate device is the lack of automatic shutdown when a specific humidity level is reached.

But, keep in mind, the increase in humidity is not advisable! 

Overall, equipping a children’s room with a hygrometer purifies and humidifies the air.

  • An ultrasonic humidifier:

This is also a good option for newborns…

This device is almost silent and does not increase the room’s air temperature.

But, again, you must ensure that it has an automatic shutdown when it drops below the permissible water level.

Most devices are equipped with a climate control system and a reasonably serious filtering system.

But ultrasonic humidifiers are pretty demanding on the quality of the liquid.

For example, when using tap water, a white coating may appear on pieces of furniture due to the mineral salts included in the water.

But there is a plus of this device; you can fix the breakdown yourself.

That said, before purchasing and using a humidifier, make sure to go through the user instructions and safety precautions when handling such devices.

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The Takeaway:

Air humidifiers have many advantages, especially for babies whose health is still very fragile.

Besides, it is a great way to protect the baby from the effects of dry air, especially during cold winter days..

..they can also help keep the baby warm, which is a big plus considering that babies cannot yet control their body temperature.

As you can see, air humidifiers can do wonders for a baby with a cold or a baby’s cough.

The air’s humidity can help relax a toddler’s congested nose and hydrate affected membranes, reducing congestion and irritation. 

Humidifiers can help both mother and baby get a good night’s sleep!

In conclusion, humidifiers’ role is basically to turn water into water vapor and release it into the air at a specific temperature.

A healthy amount of water vapor in the air can help relieve many conditions associated with dry air, including colds, nosebleeds, dry skin, and snoring.