Is It Worth Getting LED Strip Lights

Is It Worth Getting LED Strip Lights?

Let’s agree – overhead lights aren’t for everyone. Sure, they offer ample light and brighten rooms, but sometimes we need something different. Besides, they can be obtrusive. Perhaps you’re planning to switch things up – in the lighting department, but you’re unsure whether an LED strip might be a worthy investment.

Well, for those who’ve decided to go down this route, LED tape or strip lights from Simple Lighting could be the way to go. For the rest who’re still on the fence, we suggest you stick around as we shed light on the matter.

For a start, let’s state that LED tape lights are worth every penny. Here’re the qualities making them a much-sought-after lighting choice:

1. Hassle-free Installation

LED strips are crafted from flexible, thin circuits containing small LED bulbs. Thus, installation involves peeling off the adhesive backing, and sticking your strips wherever you want your light to go, plugging them into an electrical outlet, and voila! You’re done. No electrical diploma is required, and no heavy lifting either. Plus, you don’t need to fiddle with electrical wiring or call in a pro.

2. Energy Efficiency

Unlike traditional incandescent bulbs that hog energy, LED strip lights use up to 80% less power. Moreover, these fixtures can last up to 50,000 hours, which is longer than CFLs, which only last about 8,000 hours. Put differently, they’re a set-it-and-forget-it option, at least going by their service life (up to 6 years).

This means you won’t dig deep into your pockets to pay for electricity or replace the strips soon – the integrated LEDs indicate they require less maintenance. You also don’t have to wait around as the strip warms up – as is the case with other options. You get full brightness the moment you hit the switch.

Sure, the upfront cost of LED strips is usually higher than incandescent bulbs. But, when you factor in the long lifespan and lower running costs, you save a bundle of cash over time. Plus, with a single roll of lights, you have your diamond in the rough, ready to add some sparkle to your space.

3. Safe Option

Thinking of jazzing up your child’s bedroom by incorporating some lighting into the walls or ceiling? Think LED strip lights. For starters, they’re safe to use as they don’t generally generate heat that can burn your little one’s fingers.

Plus, their softer, warmer light is easier on the eyes, helping create a comfortable atmosphere. The lighting fixtures are also less likely to damage surfaces or walls and are generally not considered a fire hazard.

Nonetheless, only buy high-quality LEDs for the safest and most eye-catching lighting setup. And while you might be tempted to spring for knockoff strips while hoping to save some quid, it’s advisable not to skimp on quality as this could lead to overheating, flickering lights, early failure, or worse, fire.

4. Versatility

Unquestionably, LED strip lights are like a highly versatile friend you can always count on when you need help dealing with various issues. Depending on your taste and preference, you can use them to create a myriad of lighting effects. For instance, you can wrap the strips around curved surfaces or connect multiple strips to create a pattern all your own.

Whether you want to create a party-perfect ambiance or spice up a movie night with a cosy backlight, you can rely on LED strips to bring their A-game wherever you need them. Heck, you can even string them up as outdoor decorations or place them in hidden spots and let them magically transform your space. Likewise, you can choose between options such as:

  • LED colour
  • Strip type
  • Beam angle
  • Dimmability

Their flexibility also implies you can tuck them wherever your imagination leads you. Let’s say you want to highlight a painting in your living room. Tuck a strip behind it or use it as a wall sconce – and you’re all set!

Or perhaps you want to place it behind your couch to create an ambient glow – follow your heart. In short, you’re only limited by your creativity. LED strips can brighten up your task area; create an intimate atmosphere for a romantic evening in; provide indirect lighting in your room; offer industrial lighting – ideal for signage or business branding, and much more.

These do-all lights are a great pick for people who want to take their home decor up a notch without the hassle of having to replace bulbs. Plus, you can easily change the atmosphere instantly – just a few clicks for maximum effect. Based on the aspects we’ve discussed, are they a worthwhile investment? You bet! I hope you’re now sold on the idea of LED strip lights and are ready to inject new energy into your space.