Learn What is the Most Popular Payment Method In your Country

Learn What is the Most Popular Payment Method In your Country

Customers’ need for speed and ease while shopping is spurring the increase in online payment. As a merchant trying to go global, one of the greatest challenges is knowing the preferred payment method in the region you are hoping to penetrate.

According to the survey, 70% of customers will likely complete a purchase if their desired payment method is available. Hence, offering the right payment option to your customers is important.

While there are various online payment methods, each region has its preference, and this article reveals them to you. So, join us as we explore together, shall we?

Local Online Payment Methods

Every country is different, with different digital payment methods they prefer. Thus, it’s important to have more information about online payment methods preferred by each region. For some, the card is king, while an e-wallet is a way for others. Here are some preferred payment options from different parts of the world.


Generally, most European countries prefer using e-wallets or cards for online shopping, with some specific preferences for certain online payment methods.

This means that one type of payment gateway may be popular in one country rather than another.

For instance, in Germany, 32% of online customers use a popular payment method, while in French, just 16% of shoppers opt for the same payment gateway.

Overall, countries with high preference rates for internet banking, such as the Netherlands, adopt a standardized online bank-based payment system. In contrast, countries like Russia, with a low banking penetration rate, prefer using e-wallets. France has a high banking penetration rate, with its customers preferring cards. In Turkey, 17% of shoppers prefer using local cards as they come with installation features.

Common payment methods in Europe include card payment, e-wallet payment, bank transfer, direct debit, use of cryptocurrency, use of bank cards, and Buy Now and Pay Later (BNPL).

North America

North America is the most developed and biggest e-commerce market in the universe, with an annual growth rate of 45%, making the region a good market for every e-commerce business. Debit and credit cards remain the most popular online payment method in North America and Latin America, with more than 50% of customers having an option for the payment method. But beyond debit and credit cards, the preference differs.

Right now, shoppers in North America prefer the use of cards. However, countries like the USA spearhead the recent growth of alternative payment methods, including digital currencies, one-click checkouts, and mobile payments.

Some popular online payment methods in North America include card payment, e-wallets, money transfer, direct debit payment, payment with cryptocurrencies, use of prepaid cards, and Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL).


With over 4.5 billion people, Asia has diverse cultures and uses various online payment methods. Asia-Pacific leads world preference for e-wallets, with more than 50% of its electronic transaction being through mobile wallets.

China, the world’s largest retail market, is the leading country in mobile commerce, with 42% of online transactions done through online payment platforms, with card and bank transfers being the next biggest preference. Its counterpart India runs a cash-dominated economy.

The region’s most common online payment method includes e-wallet, money transfer, payment with card, use of cryptocurrency, and Buy Now, Pay Later.

New Zealand and Australia

Credit and debit cards remain the most popular online payment method in Australia and New Zealand. However, other alternative payment methods (APMs), including bank transfers and e-wallets, are becoming more popular.

Also, thanks to the growing tourism and retail sector, Australia and New Zealand have huge potential to attract the world. The common payment methods in these regions include card payment, e-wallet payment, money transfer, use of cryptocurrency, payment with prepaid cards, and Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL).


The region’s growing economy suggests that cash payment is the dominant payment method. However, countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, and others favour other alternative payment methods. Online shoppers mostly pay with mobile wallets, but countries like Egypt prefer cash on delivery, while some shoppers in other countries favour card payment.

Alternatives such as cryptocurrencies, Buy Now Pay Later, and prepaid cards are typically rare in this region. Generally, popular online payment methods in Africa include card payment, bank transfers, and e-wallet payment.

What Online Payment Option to Use

The payment method to adopt will depend on your target audience. As an e-commerce store, it’s thus important to know the region you wish to penetrate and the consumer’s payment preference. Without this knowledge, you risk providing payment options that your customers do not trust or are interested in, and this may hamper sales and business growth.

Overall, offering the right payment option to your target audience will enable customers to make easy payments, thereby reducing the cart abandonment rate and increasing your conversion rate.