List of Top Push Button Switch Brands in 2023

List of Top Push Button Switch Brands in 2023

Are you searching for a reliable push-button manufacturer? The process can be challenging, but considering factors like manufacturer experience, customer service, and quality of products can help you narrow the search. However, these guidelines do not entirely determine the perfect push button switch manufacturer.

Here is a list of world-leading push-button brands to help you decide the one that works best.

Best Push Button Brands in 2023


On top of our list of leading companies is Apiele. It is the perfect manufacturer and supplier of push-button switches that you should think about. Apiele has been providing top-tier products for more than 20 years. There are a lot of different push buttons on the Apieles catalogue, so all you have to do is choose one that works for you.

Whether you need push button switches that are temporary or more complex, APIELE has what you need. This company meets customers’ needs in many industries, such as industrial, commercial and medical.

Their products range from momentary switches to illuminated and non-illuminated push buttons. When it comes to quality, the company is second to none.

Electro-Mech Components, Inc.

If you want products like multi-switch systems, indicator lights and other types of push buttons, consider working with Electro-Mech. They provide standard and high-quality industrial types of pushbuttons and also take custom requests.

Whether your application needs simple switches or demanding designs, this company offers various custom features, shapes, and colors.

Linemaster Switch Corporation

Linemaster makes some of the best switches in the industry. The company’s engineers and technicians work closely with clients to tailor every product to their needs. Their dedication to excellence and good customer service is why they continue rising to the top of the market. Customers trust Linemaster products because they take time to learn and improve.

Schneider Electric Manufacture

Regarding push buttons and pilot lights, Schneider Electric does not disappoint. It ensures safe and easy management of production equipment and products. They also collect and analyze customer-based data for informed decision-making.

OTTO Engineering Manufacturer

If you are searching for a switch for a demanding application, OTTO Engineering is your best bet. They provide switches for medical, commercial and military applications.

Omron Corporation

Omron’s 80+ years in the business are a resource for everyone interested in making their own footprint. Omron is an industry leader with expertise in automation and security. Whether you need help with worker safety, hazard analysis, team building, or machinery refurbishment, they have you covered.

Delta Systems, Inc

Some types of switches available at Delta Systems for a wide range of applications are momentary, seat, plunger, and ignition.  Most of the outdoors this manufacturer sells have one of their electric switches installed.

Take Away

There you have it! Make sure to choose a company with a history of making and selling good products and services. A reliable brand should be able to provide customers with push button switches of different sizes and shapes.

They should also be able to help with technical issues and give advice when needed. Apiele stands out as they consider that each customer has different budget and product needs, so they continuously work on solutions that meet those needs.