Little Witch Academia Season 3

Little Witch Academia Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew, and Latest Updates

Nowadays, the craze of cartoons and Animated series has not only risen amongst children but various adults are also becoming fans of some cartoon series. There are a huge number of animated films and series released on various platforms with a variety of unique genres and stories. When we talk about the Magical thriller drama then, the name ‘Little Witch Academia’ surely comes to the mind of fans who have watched this show wholeheartedly and cannot resist themselves by recommending the name of this show to their friends.

Little Witch Academia is a very popular animation series that was created in Japan. The creators of this show are Yoh Yoshinari and Trigger, who is also the producer of the show. Before releasing the series, there was a short film made by Yoshinari and written by Masahiko Otsuka. Then, it premiered in theatres in the month of March 2013. Later, the short film was released on YouTube with English subtitles at the beginning of April 2013. The show raised a lot of popularity and raised the excitement for the next seasons.

The second film, again a short one named ‘Little Witch Academia: The Enchanted Parade’, was released in the year 2015 and it was produced by Kickstarter. Between January and June 2017, an anime television series ran in Japan, with the first 13 episodes that were telecasted on Netflix internationally in June 2017. The show’s second season consisted of the remaining 12 episodes from its first season and was released on Netflix in August 2017.  

The craze of the series was raised higher amongst the viewers and the show Little Witch Academia received a lot of recognition from the audience of various countries. Little Witch Academia was named to Crunchyroll’s “Top 100 best anime of the 2010s” in 2019, with the show being described as a “charming coming-of-age story.” Little Witch Academia was also named one of the best anime series of the decade by GN. Till then, the audience is eager for the release of Little Witch Academia Season 3. Let’s see when will the third season of the show get released and on which platform and date?

Little Witch Academia Season 3: Release Date

Show Details 

TV Series: Little Witch Academia
Genre: Magical Fantasy drama
Directed by: Yoh Yoshinari
Starring: Megumi Han, Erica Mendez, Alexis Nichols, Fumiko Orikasa. Akko Kagari
Place: Japan
Distributor: Netflix
Original release: 9 January 2017
Number of seasons: 2
Number of episodes: 25


Introducing the Characters of Little Witch Academia

The main theme of the story revolves around the character of Akko. She is attempting to uphold Shiny Chariot’s values by demonstrating to the world that magic is still a good thing, whereas Luna Nova is fighting for its survival because the general public considers wizardry to be obsolete. This background aspect is expanded into a narrative in the TV series, in which magic is dwindling over the planet. 

Akko’s companion and roommate, Lotte Jansson, is a sweet and soft-spoken witch who is concerned about Akko’s well-being. She wears glasses with a lower frame and has hair of orange color. Her magical specialization is calling and interacting with fairies and ghosts who reside in old, worn-out objects. This character is liked by a huge audience and people also admire the friendship of both characters.

Sucy Manbavaran is also a fun character who is quite naughty and cynical. She is also a good friend of Akko and has played the role of her roommate. She is a cute witch from the Philippines who specializes in strange concoctions. She frequently utilizes Akko as a test subject or to assist her in acquiring dangerous materials (particularly mushrooms). There are other interesting characters like Diana Cavendish, Professor Ursula, Constanze Amalie, Jasminka Antonenko, Amanda O’Neil, and many others.

Story Plot

The story begins with the Luna Nova Magical Academy that trains the young girls about how to become a Witch.  Akko Kagari who is the lead character takes admission in this school with a purpose to become a witch after being inspired by a witch named Shiny Chariot. However, she suffers owing to her non-magical upbringing. The story begins with a twist when she gets the Shiny Rod, a powerful magical relic left behind by Chariot that changes her life. The story follows Akko and her pals Lotte and Sucy as they embark on several wonderful adventures together, and it shows the recap of the films and episodes made before.

Main Villain of ‘Little Witch Academia’

Croix Meridies is the main villain of this famous series and is also liked by so many people. He entered the show as a teacher who basically teaches Technomagic at Luna Nova Magical Academy. She used to be friends with Chariot and had previously assisted her in her search for the Grand Triskellion’s words, but she became enraged with her after she was not picked to wield the Shiny Rod.

Craving for Little Witch Academia Season 3

For more than 3 years, all the fans of Little Witch Academia have been awaiting Season 3. Studio Trigger, on the other hand, isn’t ready to renew the eagerly anticipated sequel. Within these three years, the news of season 3 has buzzed the market many times that has ultimately increased the excitement amongst the viewers. With each passing day, the desire for more episodes grows exponentially for the show.

The Success of Little Witch Academia

In March 2013, Studio Trigger’s special project was launched in Japanese theatres and received far more positive feedback than planned. Follow up film. Then, the second part of this animated movie was released in the year 2015 as a . Because of its promise, the story was eventually turned into an anime television series that debuted in Japan in 2017. From then, it got recognition on an international mass level.

Release Of Little Witch Academia Season 3: Is It Coming Or Not?

Yoh Yoshinari, the franchise’s director, indicated his ambition to do another LWA anime in 2017. Trigger, on the other hand, has been quite busy since then and has yet to comment on the anime’s reappearance. As a result, despite various rumors, the chances of season 3 for Little Witch Academia Season were quite less. On the other hand, all the fans of this show are raising their demand for another season and are posting their requests on social media. Several of them have even signed petitions for Season 3 of Little Witch Academia. In today’s world, fans have a lot of influence when it comes to saving a show from cancellation. As a result, if the sequel continues to be in high demand, producer Trigger can consider making it.