Log Horizon Season 3: Characters, Plot, Release Date, and More Details Discussed

Log Horizon has officially renewed its third season! It is the most awaited season of all LH fans! There was a rumor that it is canceled but it is not. It premiered last October 2020 on NHK Educational TV and shared the same name as the 12th series.

This popular Japanese series has been enjoyed by thousands of viewers across the globe. Because of its compelling storylines, this sci-fi anime series, created with imaginary characters and exciting storylines, has made its way to the third season.

Log Horizon Season 3

It was based on the novel series written by Mamare Touno that was also illustrated by Kazuhiro Hara where it shows players being stuck inside an online game for an unknown reason, having themselves as their game avatars.

Log Horizon is said to be a solid series with a liquid game-like soundtrack. It is a reasonably intelligent series movie and has awesome storylines.

This sought-after Japanese series has become an interest to many stream viewers. Lots of fun and cool scenes await you. Subscribe to one of the best streaming sites below!

About Log Horizon

This is a story of Elder Tales, a vast online fantasy world that became a global phenomenon. They immerse multi-million players in its online fantasy world until a misfortune in the twelfth expansion pack happened.

Starred by Shiroe – a half-Alv, eight-year veteran, socially-awkward gamer, he was transported inside a game with other thirty thousand players in Japan. They were trapped in the game with their avatars.

To survive inside the game, the recluse protagonist has to form a guild among online players. With that, he’d be able to navigate multiple challenges of this savage yet exciting game.

The game is no longer a fictional universe! When they got in, they were struggling for adjustments for everything was not exactly as the game they knew: a. different things at some places, b. portals not working, and c. their avatars being too different from themselves.

On top of everything, everybody has worked so hard to their ends. There will be collisions of the Elder Tale people and players with nonviable skills and abilities.

Brace yourselves for new heroes and legends to rise. Discover what will happen next as the fantasy becomes real!

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Streaming Log Horizon Season 3 on Netflix

Netflix, Inc. has become such a popular content platform in America and throughout the world. It’s based in California, U.S.A and subscriptions are already available to some other countries.

Netflix is a very convenient streaming site where you could watch an updated list of movies. They also make the old ones available depending on the genre and how popular and on-demand those movies are.

Unfortunately, Log Horizon: Destruction of the Round Table streaming is not available on American Netflix. But, It’s available on Netflix Japan. Netflix subscribers from France can have it streamed on Netflix France.

Try this alternative, too. U.S. Netflix viewers can check out “Sword Art Online” which is a similar anime.

Streaming Log Horizon Season 3 on Hulu

Hulu is not that far from Netflix. It’s an American T.V network with a subscription-based policy to allow viewers to stream good old and new movies.

This streaming site is also a dynamic one. So far, it has been reputable for so long. You get what you paid for.

However, the third season of Log Horizon is not yet available on this popular streaming platform. But, Hulu viewers can still watch the second season. You can alternatively watch “No Game No Life” as it has a similar theme to that of Horizon Log.

Streaming Log Horizon Season 3 on Amazon Prime

Simply called “Prime Video”, Amazon Prime is the third American subscription video mentioned in this article. It’s an on-demand streaming and rental service of the successful Amazon.com, Inc.

Amazon has had good sales since the ’20s. You can try it for as low as $8.99 per month. Unluckily, Log Horizon Season 3 is not streaming on Amazon Prime. If so, try watching “Saekano – How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend”.

Streaming Log Horizon Season 3 on Funimation

Since none of the above’s streaming sites can let you stream the third season of Log Horizon, check Funimation. You can watch it without additional cost if you already have subscribed to Funimation.

Funimation, or Funimation Global Group, LLC, is an American entertainment company. It was founded by Gen Fukunaga and his wife Cindy. Daniel Cocanougher and his family funded Funimation and eventually became investors.

This company is based in Texas, U.S.A. And, they are notable at dubbing and distributing Japanese anime among their other East Asian media. Try visiting VOD on Google Play, iTunes, and Youtube for all other previous seasons, too!

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This is how interesting Log Horizon Season 3 is. It is widely available online and a lot of fans have waited and streamed for it.

Some streaming sites have made it freely available for the first 3-5 minutes. Then, they will require you to subscribe to their monthly fee. It is not hard to make an account. If you love this series, paying for the subscription won’t be much of a problem.