Low maintenance plants

Low maintenance plants for the extremely busy or very lazy gardener

We don’t call people who don’t nurture plants lazy. It’s the plants who think you are lazy. We know that you are all busy. You’re working hard, studying, dealing with various projects, dividing your personal life between family, friends, hobbies, and your personal time. We understand this but the plants do not.

Though, some plants don’t want much attention. They prefer you to put them somewhere comfortable and leave them alone for the most part. For those who are too busy, or lazy, this post will list a few of those plants and their requirements. There is a variety of different plants in the article, to cater to different tastes. This is just a sample though. There are so many more low-maintenance plants around.

The Silver Jade Plant (Crassula ovata)

This is a fascinating yet wonderful looking plant. The paddle-shaped leaves have a silver-jade green lining and maroon-reddish edges. The bigger the paddle leaves are, the more water they absorb. This makes them a low-maintenance plant for the planters.

Silver Jade Plant

Silver Jade Plants need 5-6 hours of light per day, all year round. They can tolerate most conditions as they have hardy features. As the leaves hold water, they can usually survive for longer periods without any nurture or feeding time.

Mother-in-Law Tongue Plant (Dracaena Trifasciata)

This is also a nice, easy evergreen perennial to look after. Called the snake plant, or Mother-in-law’s Tongue in English, it’s a unique plant from Western Africa. Its long leaves stem up, which gives it suitability for ground-based planters. The white striped foliage is lovely to look at in a homely atmosphere. It can be placed outdoors.

Dracaena Trifasciata

It requires indirect sunlight, so most people place it under a porch or somewhere in the shade. It can be placed indoors close to a window. It filters the indoor air quite well. It doesn’t require much water and fits into the home decoration nicely. It only needs to be watered with ¼ coffee cup every 2-4 weeks. Water on the edge not on the leaves.

Aloe Vera

This is another evergreen perennial but from the Arabian Peninsula. It is a well-known plant known for its medicinal qualities. You’ll see skin ointments, gels, and lotions made from this foliage everywhere. What people don’t know is that it is a great plant for people who don’t do much gardening.

Aloe Vera

You can keep an aloe vera planter indoors, as it only requires indirect sunshine. It needs to be watered deeply every three weeks or so, but no more than that. Make sure you have a good planter. Aloe vera is a strong plant and is known to break through weak planters. And it’s one of the most favourite plan for residential fiberglass planters.

The Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra Elatior)

This plant is as hard as nails in the gardening world. Originally developed as a house plant in Taiwan and Japan, the Cast Iron Plant is a little different from other types of verdure. The Cast Iron like a little sunlight but mostly wants to grow without too much of it around. It likes to be watered a little, every 1-2 weeks or so but can survive without regular watering. It can withstand temperature fluctuation as well. It deters a lot of pests and insects as well.

Aspidistra Elatior

This is a very low-maintenance plant. It is a captivating plant. It can cultivate some exceptionally seductive leaves, such as the Asahi chocolate leaf. It needs to be drained to make sure the roots don’t rot. The roots are the strength of this plant, so buy a planter that can regulate moisture and has good temperature control.


These are beautiful flowers and come in a range of colors, such as purple, red and salmon pink. Arranged with their clover-shaped leaves, they are spectacular. They brighten up a garden, room, or a public venue. They can be used extensively for events and businesses to add touches of beauty to help home gardeners and businesses get that touch of beauty needed.


They fit well into planters and make any place look good. The best thing about geraniums is that they are relatively low maintenance. They require sunlight, so should stay outside. However, this type of fauna prefers to let the soil dry out before watering as it helps their growth process. Another advantage of geraniums is that they are inexpensive. They look far more extravagant than they cost. You just need a solid planter to keep them.

Here are five types of low-maintenance plants that are suitable for the extremely busy or extremely lazy individual who doesn’t do much gardening but wants to keep a garden. They are good for offices as well. In addition to that, they suit businesses that require foliage in large numbers but don’t have much time to look after them. In case you look for fiberglass planters, you can check out this wholesale pots business.

Look around for more kinds of plants if you can…

There are many more to see. This is just a selection. Please be advised that you should still do a few things to look after all plants in planters. These include using good potting soil, using a good quality planter, and following the guidelines to feed, water, and give your plants appropriate sunlight. Do this and you’re set to have an indoor or outdoor garden area. Enjoy spending time with your low maintenance plant friends!