Making a move to Kamloops

Making a move to Kamloops, British Columbia

At the intersection of the North and South Thompson rivers, Kamloops, British Columbia, is a stunning city. As the second-largest city in the interior of British Columbia, Kamloops provides the best of both worlds: a fusion of nature and modernity.

More than 100 tournaments are held each year in Kamloops, a city with about 100,000 people and the moniker “Tournament Capital of Canada.” It is an amazing place because of its safe and quiet neighbourhoods, abundant outdoor recreation areas, and vibrant and diverse economic climate.

Getting to know Kamloops through this guide will give you an idea of what the city offers. Kamloops, British Columbia, is a great place to raise a family, with various activities for all ages.

What is the Kamloops, British Columbia, real estate market like?

Buyers in Kamloops, British Columbia, can select from a diverse selection of available properties. Even though single-family homes make up the vast majority of the housing stock in the city, there are also communities dedicated to townhouses, condominiums, and mobile homes.

The typical cost of homes for sale in Kamloops BC, is close to $500,000. Large homes with just one family living in them can easily cost over a million dollars, whereas townhomes and condominiums are more common.

There are a few places in the city to get something extra special. There are options for housing both in the suburbs and in the city, depending on your preferences and the things you require. Because Kamloops has such a diverse range of housing options and prices, it is possible for all types of homebuyers, including first-time buyers, upgraders, and downgraders, to locate a suitable residence in the city.

Best Kamloops, British Columbia, has several distinct neighborhoods.

Kamloops is home to more than 25 distinct communities that have been formally acknowledged. The town residents have access to a variety of recreational facilities, schools, and other amenities throughout the entire town. There is sure to be a neighborhood in Kamloops that is a good fit for your requirements, regardless of what you’re looking for. You can find a peaceful life for yourself and your family then you must search for homes for sale in Kamloops BC and move right away.


The residential area known as Aberdeen runs parallel to Highway 5A and offers breathtaking views of the city of Kamloops and the Thompson River Valley to the south. The higher altitude results in somewhat milder weather during the summer and winter months; however, residents take pleasure in the breathtaking panoramas that can be seen from their homes.

One of the city’s neighbourhoods experiencing the most rapid population growth is Aberdeen, which is primarily a residential area. Single-family homes, condominiums, and townhouses are the various types of residential buildings that are available for purchase within the community. Residents are still drawn to the area because of its accessibility to public transportation and the fact that it is suitable for walking.

The Juniper Ridge Area

The community of Juniper Ridge can be found tucked away on the slope of the hillside just to the south of the South Thompson River. In 1970s, in response to the severe lack of housing that was prevalent throughout the city, the project entered the preliminary stages of its development. The area’s residents were given the option of living in a neighborhood that was both peaceful and scenic as a result of the continued development that took place over the subsequent few decades.

The neighborhood is primarily comprised of single-family detached homes, which can range in both square footage and architectural style depending on the year in which they were built. The community of Juniper Ridge provides its residents with access to a number of different amenities, including a well-lit ice rink, tennis courts, and a dog park. In addition, there is a primary school that can be found within the vicinity, as well as a convenience store that can be found at the front of the neighborhood.

The Valley of Pineview

Pineview Valley is situated along the Aberdeen Hills and encompasses an area of land that is approximately 160 acres in size. The newer-than-new neighborhood has been undergoing development for the better part of the last decade or so, and it offers prospective buyers a selection of housing options, both in terms of style and size. Pineview Valley is an excellent option for people who work in the central business district of Kamloops or who simply enjoy being in close proximity to the beating heart of the city due to its prime location just 15 minutes to the southwest of the city center. Even with its convenient location, the neighborhood maintains its reputation as a calm, family-oriented, and friendly place to live, which draws buyers from a diverse range of backgrounds. Pineview Valley has a wide variety of housing options, including single-family detached homes, townhouses, and condos, so it is suitable for a wide range of people.


A little more than ten minutes’ drive to the north of Kamloops’s central business district can be found in the Westsyde neighborhood. The peaceful and secure streets, as well as the breathtaking views and natural settings that can be found all around the community, are some of the primary selling points for potential residents. Residents of Westsyde, which is located close to the expansive Lac Du Bois Grassland Park, have excellent access to a variety of opportunities for outdoor recreation, including mountain biking, hiking, and other activities. There are typically townhouses, condominiums, or single-family homes available for purchase in Westsyde. These homes can range in size and design. Not only is the location close to the essential amenities and services, but it is also located in close proximity to the breathtaking natural beauty that surrounds the city of Kamloops.