Moving Nightmares

Moving Nightmares? Here Are Some Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Moving can be a tedious task, and there’s always so much to pack at the eleventh hour. On top of that, you don’t want to leave anything out. Moving can also get extremely overwhelming. There are so many rooms to sort out, so how do you pick? Fortunately for you, we compiled a list to give you some stability.

So, as you move, make sure you follow these guidelines as listed. The last thing you’d want is to forget something essential before you hit the road. You also want to make sure that you’ve wrapped up your house completely. Part of moving is canceling mail orders and subscription services. So as you sit down to go through all your drawers, here’s what you need to do:

Cut Holes In Your Boxes For Holders

One of the easiest hacks is to help yourself to make lifting easy. Cutting holes doesn’t mean you pierce every inch of your box. You may want to create holders with boxes that have smooth surfaces. When they get packed, it’s hard to pick them up, but with holders on the side, you can easily insert your fingers for a lift. It is also a good idea to get holders to avoid throwing your back.

Go Online

When you’re moving, you want to use whatever help you can find. You would like to know the total cost of moving and how many boxes it would take. If you happen to move with a senior citizen, how can you facilitate the process for them? Many concerns may discomfort you as you pack up your house. So, going online and letting the internet guide you is the right thing.

Go on websites such as Moving Options to connect with resources. In addition, you may even find blogs about people who’ve moved recently. The significant aspect about bloggers is they cover everything in detail. Even the parts of your house that you may not have thought about, they got that covered for you.

Use Grocery Bags For Cushioning

You can purchase bubble wraps, but too much can get messy. It is also a needless expenditure when you have grocery bags. If you use old grocery bags, you can use them for padding fragile pieces.

If you have large grocery bags, consider storing your blankets in them. Moving is an excellent opportunity to utilize every trick in your bag. After all, you want the process to go smoothly.

Pack Your Kitchen In The End

While you’re still packing, you’ll need the kitchen. Try finishing up your grocery as you pack up your home. You’d still need to eat and drink as you wrap up your house. You’ll also need kitchen utensils, even if you’re dependent on take-out.

If you pack your kitchen first, you are making things harder for yourself. Essential items that you are using till the last minute always go in the end.

Pack Your Kitchen In The End

Like Items Go Together

If you have liquid detergents or washing products that are liquid, put them together. Liquids can spill easily. You wouldn’t want them to be near clothing or any product that they can ruin.

It would help if you also put cling on plastic under the lids over the products. So if the product happens to fall, it won’t leak since the plastic will prevent that from happening. You can even stuff grocery bags between the products to limit movement. The less space these detergents have inside the box, the more upright they’ll stay.

Keep Furniture Together

If you disassemble furniture, keep all the bolts and screws in one bag. Then attach the bag to any furniture. Don’t forget to label the bags. Furniture can quickly come disassembled. However, if you’re not careful, you can lose the bolts and screws. You don’t want to arrive at your new house with furniture and no tools to assemble them.

Add Bulk To Light Weight Boxes

If you have boxes that feel light, make them bulky. Lightweight packages get tossed around easily. These boxes may also make it harder to keep your products upright. You can use rolled-up towels to help add weight.

All you need to do is place rolled-up towels at the top and duct tape the box. Adding weight makes all the difference and your boxes stay neatly stacked.

Ask For Help

While you may enjoy being independent, asking for help doesn’t curb independence. Moving is not easy, and you can use all the services you can get. If you have friends or family willing to help, let them.

You can lay down the guidelines of how you want your house to get packed. You can even look into moving companies that allow you to pack up. If you work with a collaborative effort, you’ll have no trouble packing your house. While working alone is meticulous, it takes too long.

Throw Supplies As You Go

While you’re packing, you’ll need supplies. You may throw unwrapping plastic, empty spools of tape, and even markers around the house. You need to maintain a system so that you don’t get overwhelmed as you work.

While using supplies, as soon as they empty, throw them out. Don’t let mess accumulate around you. Dedicate a trash bag to throw all supplies that you’ve used. At the same time, dedicate a spot in your house where you’ll keep supplies.

Use Vacuumable Bags

There are certain bags that you can vacuum storage. These bags have no airspace and keep your product fresh and clean while taking minimal space. If you have tons of fabric in your house in the form of clothes and duvets, vacuum pack them. Not only will you save space, but you’ll also make it easier to put them into a box. Your fabric will also not get dusty.

Use Suitcases

You don’t have to invest in boxes alone. Consider buying suitcases. The reason being, bags have more volume and space than boxes. You can use them to move all kinds of objects. You can carry your clothes in them or use them to transport books.

Don’t let the space go to waste. Think of what products you have in abundance that you’d like to move altogether. If you have children, get small suitcases for them and pack their essential items. These suitcases will go with you by car. So you won’t have to worry about stuffing everything into a box.

Wrap Up

If you’re not sure how to pack up and move, things can get hard. Moving is an already overwhelming process. You can help yourself by following a few hacks. You can facilitate moving by modifying boxes to your house. Make sure you wrap the kitchen in the end and keep all liquid detergents together.

Try vacuum packing your clothing and arrange a suitcase for your kids. In addition, go online and study how others did their packing. If friends and family want to lend a hand, let them. Utilize every tool you have, such as grocery bags. Keep all moving supplies to one spot in the house. If you follow these methods, you should have no trouble moving.