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Discover Personal Details of Oje Edward Hart – Owen Hart’s Son

Oje Edward Hart is a celebrity child of the Canadian-American wrestler Owen Hart. Oje was born on March 1992 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, to Owen and Martha Hart. Oje Edward Hart’s father built his name because of his several promotions in the wrestling world. Here is all the information about Oje Edward Hart that you may not know.

Oje Edward Hart’s Father

Owen Hart, the famous wrestler, is the father of Oje Edward Hart. Owen Hart was born in May 1965 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and unfortunately, he died at the age of 34 in 1999, due to an internal bleeding injury.

Oje Edward Hart’s mother was unhappy with the events, resulting in a lawsuit against WWF. The case was solved outside the court, and the WWF paid Hart’s family $18 million in November 2000. Martha Hart used the amount to start the Owen Hart Foundation in remembrance of her husband. The foundation awards college scholarships and helps low-income family to secure housing.

Before Oje Edward Hart’s father’s death, he was a prominent wrestler with various promotions like World Championship Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling Stampede Wrestling, and many others. Even after Hart’s massive performance, he has not been inducted into the WWE Hall of fame. The WWE has wanted to induct the star, but his family won’t allow it because WWE is held responsible by the family for his death. If Owen Hart’s children and wife are alive, inducting the wrestling hero into the WWE Hall of Fame may be impossible.

Education and Career of Oje Edward Hart

Oje Edward Hart studied to be a lawyer. Although his father was a famous figure in the wrestling world, he never followed in his footsteps because of the sour spot his father’s death left to him and his family. In a talk about Hart’s death, Oje revealed that he was a lawyer pursuing a master’s degree in human rights law, and he indicated that he would never allow WWE to induct Owen.

Although some of Owen’s fans have argued that allowing him to be inducted will serve as an honor, Oje noted that the word would remember his father because of the charity foundation. There is not much information about Oje Edward’s education, but he is a Lawyer by profession. Moreover, Oje seems dedicated to working for the Owen Hart Foundation.

Oje Edward Hart’s Siblings

Oje Edward Hart has a younger sister called Athena christie, Hart. Athena is about three years younger than Oje and has joined forces in the standing wither family against her father’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. Oje’s sister has appeared in several movies talking about the legacy and life of their father, but there is no more information about her.

Oje Edward Hart’s Mother

Oje Edward Hart’s mother is called Martha Hart, a Canadian philanthropist, and researcher. Oje’s mother met Oje’s father in 1982 and married in 1989. Martha wrote a book about her husband’s life and opened a charity foundation in his name.