One Punch Man Season 3: Characters, Plot, Release Date, and More Unveiled

One Punch Man, the anime name itself says what the series is. A person who annihilates enemies with just a punch. One Punch Man had already been going on for quite longer now, and with its demand and ratings, we should be expecting a new season, right?

Due to the success of the previous season — with its animation, and adaptation on how the manga goes, fans are now pretty much excited on how and what will happen in the third season.

The first season comes out 2015. Having great results and how season one entertained the viewers, a second season has been released in 2019, which in no doubt, resulted in another noteworthy result. 

Waiting for a new season does quite take a long time but if we’re patient enough, maybe we’ll get a third season. But, we can’t be waiting for something we don’t know if it will arrive or not, right? So, for the million dollar question, “Will there be a third season for One Punch Man?” Hold your horses and read down below.

Before everything else, let us discuss a couple of information about One Punch Man. Basically, Saitama, our main protagonist, is actually just an ordinary person. Before Saitama became “Caped Baldy” — yes, that’s his hero name, he was just a person with a thin but well-built body having an average weight and height. Did you know that before he became bald, he actually had black hair? He lost his hair due to the intensity of his hero training regimen. You can see the partial story of his hair on the animated series.

One Punch Man Latest Updates

Saitama initially became a hero just because he wanted to have fun. Later on, he registers to become a professional hero for the Hero Association. An organization where it collects taxes from the ordinary citizen in exchange for saving the people from the unknown enemies that threatens the City. He registers upon realizing that for how many days, months, and years he has been saving people from dangerous situations, still nobody recognizes him as a hero. 

Among other people who live in peaceful cities, Saitama lives in City Z, which is highly known as the City occupied by monsters. 

Although Saitama’s ability of killing every enemy by just one punch, no matter how strong it is. Currently, Saitama is sitting at B Class, Rank 7. However, a couple of S Class heroes are already acknowledging him, including Bang, Genos, King, and some heroes as well.

If you wanted to go in advance and know the rest of the story of One Punch Man, you can always check out the manga and read it. For some people who had already read the manga, they are still waiting for the anime adaptation to come out due to its great animation and if the adaptation had correctly adapted the storyline of the manga.

Having a great cliff hanger on season 2, everyone was preparing and excited for the upcoming season 3. However, there are a couple of reasons why there can be a no-show in season 3. If you have been researching well about the anime’s Source Material, its Sales and Profit, and its Popularity, then we will know exactly if we will be getting a new season or not.

Factor 1: Popularity

So let us check on its Popularity. Although the season 2 of One Punch Man did not gather as much as how the season 1 gets, it is still great and not that big of an issue. This phenomenon is actually common to a couple of anime series. However, what hurts the series is its mainstream popularity of the franchise — the opening song. Season 2 did not particularly get a good response compared to the first season. 

Anyhow, with its downlow, it rises with its popular discussions in their social media. Due to people’s theories on how Saitama got his powers, and other discussions, the franchise didn’t die and is still ongoing. Even its merchandise is still popular today. 

Factor 2: Source Material

One of the most important roles in determining if the series will have a sequel is its Source Material. Basically, One Punch Man is an adaptation from its Manga series. The manga currently has 23 volumes in which the first season covers 7 volumes in 2015. The second season covers another 9 volumes, which means: we still have plenty of volumes left to be used as a source material for the next season.

Other than this, if you have been following the Manga series of One Punch Man, you would know that it is still ongoing, and we are hoping more volumes will be released in a couple of months or so.

Factor 3: Sales and Profit

It is very common in the anime industry that a sequel would sell less than the previous season. One of the ways to survive this is to maintain an amount sufficient to survive the next season.

In One Punch Man’s case, the Blu-ray saw a significant drop on its sale, however its manga and merchandise are doing really great in the market. It even earned an exceptional good amount that can help in supporting to have a season 3. 

So back to the question, “Will there be a third season for One Punch Man?”. Unfortunately, we really don’t have an answer to that. What we can tell you is that One Punch Man is really doing great right now and a possibility of another sequel is high.