Online Dating Safety Tips for Women

Today online dating apps are a trend and many people prefer to choose their partner through these tools. However, you should realize that online dating is fraught with a lot of risks. There are cases where women lose their personal data, have their devices infected with malware, fall for romance scams, or become victims of violence. That is why you should take certain safety precautions to secure yourself from the potential dangers mentioned above.

Below are several tips you can follow when communicating through a dating app or website to increase your safety.

Choose the right service:

This is the first step to getting started properly. Choose a dating site that meets your expectations and where you feel good.

It is also advisable to determine the target audience of the service. Does it match your wishes? If you are looking for a person in the 30+ category, you should not apply for a site with a predominant audience of up to 20 years old.

Read reviews. Find out about what the general atmosphere on the site is; whether investments are required; if there is a lot of spam and fake accounts; if there are any stories of real serious relationships after meeting on the resource, etc.

Helpful advice: to register on a dating site, create a new mailbox. This step will protect you in case your account is hacked.

Do not waste time:

Create a profile in accordance with what you are looking for. This requires a meaningful and clear nickname for your interlocutors and writing a description in which you specify your expectations. Be brief, concise, but above all not too evasive. Otherwise, you risk being contacted by a whole bunch of singles who do not satisfy your criteria.

Sort it out:

Even if you are the most delicate and best-educated person in the world, you will have to face the facts. You will not be able to answer everyone. Internet dating involves sorting, which you will do by taking a quick look at the profile of your interlocutor. Do their desires correspond to yours? Then go for it. And if, on the other hand, nothing appeals to you, there is no need to answer.

Don’t give in too quickly:

The magic of online dating lies in the mystery at the very beginning. Talk about yourself, and question your communication partner, but don’t turn your discussions into an interrogation. It’s good to keep some secrets to tell only when you are sure the person could make a good companion.

Be honest:

Do not lie. Internet dating should be based on a relationship of mutual trust, and the slightest lie, once exposed, would destroy everything. It’s the same if your interlocutor is lying to you.

Avoid fake profiles:

Be cautious if the person you matched with has little information about themselves (no bio, no social media accounts linked, only one picture posted, etc.).

You may have a suspicion that the profile is fake if you notice photos of poor quality or with watermarks, or photos taken in a highly staged manner. Scammers often download photos directly from a social network. You can use Google image search to see if these photos are posted elsewhere on the web. If they’ve been found, but with other names, then, undoubtedly, the profile is fictitious.

Never send money:

If at any time during the conversation, money comes into play, with the interlocutor asking you for any financial assistance, run away. Never, we mean never, should you give a penny to a person who is behind a screen, no matter how beautiful and touching their story is. Instead, block and report any suspicious user.

Believe us, some people know how to scam others.

Change conversation mediums when you are sure:

Does the person you are talking to seem agreeable to you? If so, feel free to use another communication channel that is more intimate than a dating site. The phone is best for hearing your person’s voice, but you can also use popular instant messengers, like WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.

Check the details of the person before the meeting:

Are you convinced that you would like to meet that person in real life? If yes, then make sure to check their identity through PhoneHistory. This service provides every piece of available information on phone number owners and will help you reveal suspicious details about your potential date (if any).

Master your social networks:

Social networks are great tools where we can chat, and share photos, moments, and interests. However, they often contain a lot of personal information that should not fall into the wrong hands. Secure access to your social networks with a strong and unique password, set permission for the data and publications on your account so that they do not become public or are not used to harm you, and do not trust unverified information or fake news.

A first meeting in a public place:

The time for the 1st meeting has come. Now it is up to you to choose the place and time you prefer (afternoon at a cafe, restaurant…), but we recommend 2 things: to prefer a public place where there won’t be just the two of you and warn your inner circle, such as a friend or relative, of this encounter. These are just simple basic precautions to stay safe in the event that something unforeseen happens.

Dating on the internet – but not only that:

Internet dating is rich in possibilities, that’s a fact. But don’t limit yourself to your device. Keep going out, maintaining face-to-face communication, and flirting, because virtual reality is only a small part of the dating experience.

Talk it over:

Discussing with others the ways to meet a person on the internet is a nice option to learn more about the peculiarities of this type of meeting. Each will have their own experience, an anecdote (sometimes funny, sometimes totally eccentric) that will help you move in the right direction.

Final thoughts:

Online dating services are becoming an essential part of our daily lives. However, it is important to remember that you should take action to protect your online privacy, select reliable dating services, check your potential date, and follow basic precautions when meeting for the first time.

Hope this guide will help you date safely! Now it’s your turn. We wish you great encounters online and elsewhere.