Best Umbrella for Your Patio

Outdoor Living: How Do You Choose the Best Umbrella for Your Patio?

Homeowners often tend to overlook outdoor spaces. During a renovation, they only plan for the area inside the house, as if that is the only thing that matters. Having an open space where you could develop outdoor hobbies is also helpful in balancing your lifestyle.

What is the main element in decorating a patio or outdoor nook? An umbrella, of course! Isn’t it a nice feeling to be sitting in the garden with a book after a long tiring day?

Looking for the perfect outdoor cantilever umbrella can get tricky. It would be best to consider its durability to weather, size according to your space, and what specific style to choose. Well, say less! This article is here to help you!

Choosing the right style

This depends on your preference and if you’re trying to achieve a specific design or theme. But there are two kinds of umbrella for your patio:

Centre Pole is the most common style. Often seen in the beach and market, it can be a single piece or two pieces that are joined together. It can help deflect direct sunlight and keep you cool.

Choosing the right style

Offset or outdoor cantilever umbrella is an arched or conjoined pole positioned to the side. It has supports, both from the side and above, making it suitable to cater to large gatherings. Since its pole is placed on the side, you could place your table and chairs right under it. It has a rotatable 360 degrees coverage. They are heavier and more expensive but definitely worth the price.

Material of the pole

It is best if you set your priorities first. Are you following a certain theme, or are you more concerned about its durability with the weather changes? There are three common materials for the pole: wood, metal and fibreglass. Wood is a classic and timeless design. It is cured to prevent decay and insects from destroying the wood but will soon fade after a long time sun and rain exposure.

On the other hand, metal is one of the most convenient options for design, durability and price. You can indeed pull off a minimalist style with this. In comparison, fibreglass is the most durable yet most expensive. But its edge over others is its strong resistance against weather changes.

Size and shape of your umbrella

This depends on the shape of your table, any outdoor constraints and your design or theme. It can be round, square or rectangular. Do choose the size wisely; make sure it doesn’t overpower the other elements of your outdoor space.

Canopy fabric

This is the main purpose of your umbrella, to protect you from sunlight. That’s why choosing the best fabric is important. Acrylic is the best for residential outdoor spaces. Polyester has a huge variety of colours and designs.

Olefin is stain-resistant and has a high resistance against UV rays. Lastly, Polyethylene is designed to withstand the extreme Australian weather. Its unique yarn-woven fabric allows the breeze to pass through it.


Balancing the outdoor and indoor spaces is relevant. It becomes your breather after a tiring day of work. Having a space where you can relax and just be yourself is essential in keeping your inner peace. Outdoor spaces are not just for solitude but a space where members of the family can bond and enjoy each other’s company as well.