Indoor Plants

Paint It Green: Benefits Of Indoor Plants

A touch of greenery in any space always spruces up the vibe of the area. Be it your office or your home, plants manage to enliven the space they are in, and many studies back up the fact that indoor office plants buoy up the energy of the workspace, making them an essential addition to any office. It functions on the same logic we use when we decide to take a walk in a park to feel better.

While we are used to an arid vibe here in Australia, the addition of indoor plants only serves to please us more. Our closeness to nature itself calms us down, and hence we can better divert our energies to our daily activities.

The Green Factor

With the onset of urbanization, we see the loss of our natural green cover and with it, a rise in pollution and global warming. Today, we see several ‘green’ projects, such as the Green Army here in Australia, being undertaken to alleviate the ecological distress our planet is facing.

What is important to remember is that we need plants around us for better functionality, as observed in several studies conducted in horticulture therapy. Plants are proven to reduce stress and improve our attention, making them a perfect fit for indoor office spaces. Employees seem to be more productive and creative when in close quarters with plants.

Paint It Green: Benefits Of Indoor Plants

A Healthy Addition

Plants have been proven to be physical therapeutic, as well. Indoor plants enhance our chances of keeping illnesses at bay and increase the relative humidity in the area, central to controlling respiratory distresses of any sort. Plants like the snake plant are known air purifiers that clear out the toxins in the air, an excellent addition to homes and offices.

Studies show that plants manage to speed up recovery processes as well, be it from an illness, surgery, or injury. They invigorate our conscious and subconscious senses, which improves our overall outlook, aiding in healing.

Exposure to nature is also proven to increase our altruistic and cooperative side and is a requisite in any office setting for the better performance of employees. Employees were also found to take lesser sick days when working in an office with plants. Plants are effective in lowering background noises. This advantage improves the focus of employees and hence, so did their work.

For Feng Shui believers, indoor plants like succulents and ferns bring a positive vibe to the surroundings. An added benefit is that these plants are low-maintenance, only requiring little light and water to flourish, making it an ideal addition to your office setting.

The Way It’s Meant To Be

We have always grown with nature, and it is only in recent times that we have disengaged from our natural surroundings, and as a result, we are facing its consequences. Plants are not only for aesthetic purposes but serve as an organic anchor to relatively drab settings, such as an office space.

There are many native Australian plants that can be grown indoors and thrive in our climates, such as the Umbrella Tree or the Palm-lily. Some specialists can choose best suiting indoor office plants for you and ensure that your space is organically landscaped for your benefit.