Makeup, since its inception, has been a time-consuming procedure that involves carefully applying products in the right measure. Although people enjoy it, doing it every day can become exhausting, even for makeup lovers. Going on a quick date or for an urgent business meeting may not allow the luxury to take long hours to get that eyeliner beautifully drawn.

That is why permanent or long-lasting makeup solutions are being preferred by many today. There is an increase in the popularity of procedures like eyeliner tattooing or eyelash extensions. Sydney ranks among the top ten Australian cities that spend the most on cosmetic procedures. The reasons are because it has some of the best beauticians and technicians in the country. Sydney, Melbourne, and suburbs like Lyons have excellent technicians that cater to both locals and tourists with quality service.

Permanent cosmetics is the perfect solution for the career-driven, world-touring, busy woman. It is also ideal for people who do not want to be bothered with the task of doing makeup each day when they can instead get it done permanently.

Here are some of the most popular permanent makeup options:

Eyelash Extensions

They increase the density and length of the eyelashes by adding hairs to them. These extensions are made from silk or other synthetic materials that give an entirely natural effect.

During the appointment, the technician or beautician will cleanse the eyes and ensure that it is free of all products, oil, and dirt. This cleaning is to aid the attachment of the eyelash extensions. Sydney clinics offer a wide range of customisation of sizes and expertise according to the needs of the customer.

They hold the lower eyelashes down using tape, and the extensions are added to the upper part to minimise interference. The lashes are attached one hair at a time. Eyelash extensions last depending on the care and maintenance of their owners.


It is a type of eyebrow tattooing that aims to create the best shape suited for each face. It is a bespoke experience to give the customer the type of eyebrow architecture they want. It is a precise process done with needles that merely scratch the outer skin, unlike tattoos that penetrate deep into the skin. Hence the effect will stay on for just over 18 months.

Another form of microblading is micro-feathering, known for its feather-like strokes done with medical-grade equipment that renders realistic, fine, natural hair strokes. The hand-held technique provides a more natural look and helps make precise strokes.

Eyebrow filling is one of the more complicated makeup aspects to get right. But with microblading, one can go out looking perfect every day without having to deal with eyebrow pencils.

Lash Lifts

Lash lift, as the name suggests, is a procedure that successfully enhances the existing lashes by lifting them. A “perm” solution is applied to lift the lashes, which are then set against a rod to form a curl. The process is similar to how a perm is done. Those who desire natural procedures without any additional changes prefer this treatment, which lasts for quite some time.

During this procedure, the eyes are well-cleaned. The lower lashes are covered with moist cotton pads to protect them, and they apply an adhesive tape on the eyelids. After the glue becomes pliable, a roller is attached to the lashes, and the technician sweeps them upwards towards the rod.

There are different sizes of rollers available to give various curl patterns. The customers select their desired pattern, which sets after they apply the perm solution onto the lashes.


Permanent makeup has many benefits, including cost-effectiveness, time-saving, and desired results. People are increasingly opting for such procedures as they are done by professionals who provide them with their desired shape, texture, and any other additional request made. One can save up on time and money spent on expensive cosmetics by trying out long-lasting makeup solutions.