Ice Luge At Your Wedding

Personalize Your Wedding: 6 Reasons Why You Need an Ice Luge At Your Wedding

Weddings symbolize the beginning of a new family. It is the first of many days of love celebrations. That is why you should put all your effort and concentration into making your wedding as memorable and unique as possible. 

Bringing in an ice luge kit is one way of making your wedding day an event that you and all your guests will fondly look back on for many years. An ice luge can serve as a decorative piece at your wedding reception, on top of being a cooling channel for your signature cocktail. It can even double up as a luge and an ice sculpture where guests take photos for social media. What’s more, you can personalize your ice luge to suit your personality and wedding theme. 

That being said, now go ahead and order a custom ice luge NYC for your wedding. If you need more convincing, here are 6 reasons why your wedding needs to have an ice luge:

  • A brilliant centerpiece to make your wedding memorable

For a wedding to be memorable, it must have a conversation piece- something unique that gets people talking. You can bet that guests will be conversing about your ice luge if it is beautiful and endearing.

You, therefore, should focus on using the luge to set the tone for and improve the ambiance of- your wedding. All you need to do is find a reputable and experienced ice sculpting artist, stretch your imagination a little, and together come up with an exceptional piece of art. 

Ice Luge At Your Wedding

  • Inject color into your party

Ice décor can be versatile if you do it right. Ice gives you unbeatable freedom of design and color, allowing you all the room you need to outdo other weddings. For example, you can add under-lighting to your ice luge kit to inject some color into your wedding’s open bar. You can achieve the same though ice luge internal lighting. If you want to add a little sophistication to your design, an expert ice sculptor can help you incorporate fresh fruit into the ice luge itself. 

Pro tip: Remember to carve on the ice luge colorful love messages for your partner.

  • Ice luges can be romantic

Showing romance through ice is trendy, genuine, and authentic. Ice luges are primarily for entertainment, alright, but there is something peculiarly romantic about them.

Think of a luge that’s shaped like a rose or that has rose petals frozen in it. Or think of a luge that is carved from an ice sculpture; say two large ice swans placed at the open bar, forming a love sign with their long necks. Guests will love drinking from the swans and, as a romantic centerpiece, the setup will improve the allure of your wedding reception. 

  • Naturally draw guests to the bar and/or buffet

Your ice luge NYC serves as the guiding star for the guests to find the bar easily. They are too stunning for people to ask where the bar is. Everyone is attracted to them naturally.

Luges are as big a big hit as ice bars- they both make you stand out as an undisputed connoisseur in your social circles. They send a statement to attendees that you are not only romantic and sophisticated but also a master of finer drinking and partying. 

Pro tip: If you want to, you can take your sophistication a notch higher by serving your buffet on ice, right adjacent to the main ice luge. Ice will always be a captivating and magnificent display for your food!

  • A custom ice luge helps you set the theme

It is advisable that you have your ice luge kit designed around the theme of your wedding. Just share your ideas with your ice sculpture artist to bring them to life.

Pro tip: Although ice blends well with literally any wedding theme, ice sculptures, and luges stand out more in ice-themed weddings.

  • Make your wedding Instagram-worthy

This goes without saying: An ice luge will present a classy and beautiful backdrop for your guests to take pictures of. This is arguably the best gift you can give to photogenic guests and Instagram enthusiasts. 

Same old same old is boring. You need to think of new and innovative ways to make your wedding stand out. Ice luge NYC will help you create a wedding everyone will remember for the rest of their lives! Go ahead and share your borderline crazy ice ideas and we will turn them into reality.