Planning for AC Installation

Planning for AC Installation: How Long Should You Expect the Process to Take?

Your property’s AC system keeps you cool during the sweltering summer months. But the wait to get it up and running can be unbearable when you’re considering replacing or installing a new system.

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That being said, the time required for an AC installation depends on multiple variables. But generally, basic installation takes roughly two days. Here’s a quick guide (expounding on various factors) to clue you in on how long you can expect the process to take.

1. Nature of Installation

The installation of an AC unit requires careful planning and execution. Even so, the type of installation greatly affects how long it takes to complete the job. For instance, a full-on AC installation generally takes longer than a simple part replacement.

The former requires running new electrical wiring, ductwork, and vents which can add to the overall installation time. As such, the job can take a couple of days. Replacement parts, on the other hand, only require simple repairs to the existing electrical and mechanical systems – implying the technician may be done in a few hours or so.

Also, before the technician can begin, they have to assess the current state of your AC system and decide whether you need an upgrade or replacements. The assessment usually takes about 15 minutes to an hour before repairs start. Simply put, the more complex the installation, the longer it’s likely to take.

2. Installer’s Skill

Imagine agreeing to let your friend down the street do your AC installation in the spirit of good neighborliness. Sure, they only started offering the service recently, and you figure, “they’re certified, so what’s the harm?”

Well, they could have little experience with AC systems, meaning yours may be their first complex installation. As such, the procedure can take longer than it would with a certified installer with more experience in the field.

And if you’re DIY-inclined and strike out on your own, you’ll need to prepare for a long, drawn-out process. Even if you’ve done some digging (watched video tutorials or read articles on the subject), you could still end up in a repair-then-redo cycle.

Conversely, hiring a professional with full mastery over the process implies your installation would take a shorter duration. Experienced AC specialists handle diverse cooling systems, meaning they’re adept at quickly assessing and taking action. Plus, should a hiccup arise, they have the resources to solve it quickly without causing further delays.

3. Number of AC Units and Placement

The size of your home directly affects the number of AC units you may need. Thus, one central unit might suffice if you have a small house. But you’ll need more units if you need AC installation in a multi-story mansion.

Plus, placement also factors into the equation. Generally, installing an AC unit in a house with an open floor plan is much easier than in a den with a complex layout. Trust me, I had a friend whose house has so many twists and turns that the installers were lost for days (not exactly, but you get the drift).

Simply put, the easier it is to access the various parts of the system and home, the shorter AC installation takes. Thus, if your apartment building has a high roof, getting the AC unit up might take longer than usual. Additionally, if you plan to supplement the installation with a new thermostat or other devices, expect the installers to take longer as they’ll need to run new wires.

4. Weather Conditions

Mother Nature can be a fickle lady. I once had a job where the installation took twice as long because it was over 100 degrees outside, and the poor guys kept taking breaks to avoid heat stroke. Besides, working in a hot and humid attic didn’t help either.

Conversely, a day with pouring rain and high winds meant we had to reschedule the installation. Snowy days can also be highly inconvenient. In other words, if your area is prone to unpredictable weather, check the forecast before scheduling your installation.

Sure, AC installers can handle lots of challenges, but trying to install an AC system in the middle of a hurricane may be pushing it. And should we discuss a lightning storm? Yeah, we better skip the subject.

These variables have their say in the AC installation timeline. Hence, before setting up a date, investigate your options and ensure your plan has some wiggle room. That way, you won’t be caught unawares if something unexpected arises. All the same, your installer would be best poised to tell you how long it’s likely to take.