Play With Magic

Play With Magic: Few Tricks To Keep Your Audience Glued

Magic adds intrigue and charm to infuse our otherwise mundane and exhausting lives. It gives us hope of whimsical beauty and restores our faith in the unseen and unbelieved. Everybody loves magic tricks, from little children excited for their birthday parties to white-collar executives at corporate events.

Magic tricks are endlessly fascinating. For a while, they take our minds off the harsh realities of coursework, mergers, and acquisitions. If you’re an aspiring magician or a seasoned illusionist gearing up for a particular show, brushing up your tricks always helps. We’ve rounded up some fantastic tricks that will make sure your audience doesn’t stop oohing and aahing.

Few Tricks To Keep Your Audience Glued

The Guillotine

Card tricks and water cups are amateur tricks that anyone can perform with a little bit of practice. People expect magicians to keep them hooked in their chairs with magic tricks as scary as the guillotine. However, performing the guillotine isn’t a child’s play. It requires tact, experience, and years of careful learning.

If you don’t have experience with the guillotine, it’s very easy to sustain serious injuries. The guillotine is a timeless and ageless magic trick that magicians deploy for centuries to rapture and enthrall their audiences. But, how can you manage to escape the guillotine unscathed and unharmed? Only a true artist understands the neat little trick required to deceive the audience.

You see, a magician’s guillotine is much different from the actual killing machine. It does feature a deadly and sharp, piercing blade on the upper structure. But the lower design has sneaky, secret compartments.  These compartments are little stop blocks that keep the blade away from piercing into the magician’s neck. And the trap door allows the shoulders and head to disappear the second the blade falls.

Isn’t that incredible? This trick will have your audiences falling out of their chairs!

Enthrall them with your Psychic Power

People adore guessing games, and magicians with psychic abilities are endlessly intriguing, whether or not they carry a crystal ball. You can boost your routine’s energy by adding some basic mental maths with a dramatic, psychic touch. The audience will find it fascinating they won’t stop to think you’re doing fundamental mental maths problems.

It’s effortless. Multiplying 9 with any digit between 2 and 9 is nothing short of mathematical magic. Because the answer always adds up to 9, and this is the premise of this magic trick. Start by picking someone from the audience and selecting any digit between 2 and 9. Then, ask them to multiply that digit with 9.

Then, ask them to add the two digits of their answer, and the sum will always be 9. Then, ask them to deduct five from the answer, which will always be 4. Now, allocate an alphabet for every digit, for instance, A equals 1, B equals 2, and so on. Ask the participant to pick an alphabet for the number (4), after which they will arrive at the letter D.

Now, ask them to think of a country starting with that letter—almost 99.9% of participants will think Denmark. Now, ask them to think of an animal beginning with the second letter of their chosen country. It’s finally time to reveal secrets but do it dramatically as if you’re channeling your psychic powers. Then make a casual remark, “Eels are indeed the crown jewel of Denmark’s fishing industry.”

The Vanishing Coin

Magicians like to engage their audience in charming little tricks that build up the hype before the big act. The vanishing coin is an age-old magic trick, but it requires much practice. It requires a secret pocket that will remain invisible to your audience as you make the coin disappear.

You will need the following materials for this trick:

  • A quarter
  • A flimsy scarf with a rich, dark color
  • A rubber band in the same color as the scarf

Before starting, place the rubber band across your thumb and three fingers of your left hand. Make sure no one catches sight of the rubber band. You can keep your hand inside your pockets. Now, using your right hand, pull out the scarf and drape it across your left hand.

Ask the audience to provide you with a coin and place it on the scarf. Fold the currency into the scarf, open your fingers and scoop up the coin with little fabric. Then, disentangle your fingers from the rubber band as you scoop the coin. Now, you can twirl and whirl the empty scarf, but make sure no one catches sight of the rubber band.

Many magicians like to reverse this trick, and you need to cover your left hand using the scarf, pushing it down with your right hand. The goal is to let the rubber band fall back into your hand. Then, remove the scarf and reveal the quarter. This trick requires much practice as it demands precision.


Magic tricks require rigorous practice because the audience is not as dumb as you may assume. People are clever and quick to call out magicians on schemes they start understanding. The key is to make sure your tact and strategy go unnoticed. A conjurer or illusionist’s success relies entirely on the illusion he/she is capable of conjuring. The second people realize the farse behind the play, the magic will lose its appeal.