Pride Month Hair Color Ideas

Pride Month Hair Color Ideas

In addition to clothes, shoes, and accessories that can be colorful for Pride Month, hair is also a great way to express yourself. Today, let’s take a look at the popular hairstyles for Pride Month.

Dye Your Own Hair

If you don’t want to go to your stylist to get your hair colored, you can refer to the following popular ways to dye your hair. The cost is only the fees for the dyes and tools.

Rainbow Tips. Rainbow tips are extremely creative and can be dyed in as many different colors or in layers like steps. Whether you wear your hair down or in a high ponytail, rainbow tips are eye-catching.

Hidden Rainbow. If you don’t want the rainbow color to stand out, consider coloring the hair at the back of your head. You can also shave the hair at the back of your head and dye it short for a more personalized look, or cover your colored hair when you wear your long hair on top, free to do as you please.

Half Rainbow. In recent years, it is popular to dye the left or right half of your hair. So, you can consider coloring the left half of your hair, either one color for one lock of hair or several colors from root to tip. The creativity is endless, it’s all about what you like.

Rainbow Roots. As we said before about rainbow tips, we can also dye rainbow roots, as the name suggests, to color the roots of your hair. It’s a very playful process, and as the hair grows longer, the rainbow color will slowly move to the middle of the roots and tips, turning into rainbow tips.

Rainbow Bangs. If you have bangs in your hair, you have another option, which is to dye the bangs in color. It’s easier to dye the front of your hair yourself.

Rainbow Glitters. If you don’t feel like dyeing your own hair, but want to make it look colorful, why not try adding a touch of sparkle with your hair? It washes out easily and doesn’t damage your own hair when you dye it.

Rainbow Hair Extensions

If your budget permits, try to consider colorful hair extensions. It may cost a little bit more than dyes, but it’s actually much easier to operate. For example, you can choose this tape in hair extensions, and then you can easily glue them to your head anywhere you want, with absolutely no difficulty. It’s time to show your creativity.

Wear a Synthetic Wig

If it is not like dyed hair or a strip of hair extension, you can also choose to wear colored wigs directly. Synthetic wigs are cheaper and more colorful and vibrant, and are the first choice for many people. The biggest disadvantage of chemical fiber wigs is that they look more fake and not natural enough.

Wearing a Human Hair Wig

In contrast, the cost of a real human hair wig is a bit higher. If it is custom made, then generally the price will be relatively high. If you buy a wig to go back and dye it yourself, then you must first confirm with the seller before buying whether the hair can be dyed to the color you want, because some too cheap wigs, the hair is dyed with a variety of miscellaneous colors of hair, can not bleach and dye again or difficult to dye to your ideal color. If you want to buy a black wig, then it is recommended that you buy virgin hair wigs, not only can be dyed in a variety of colors, but also can be bleached into a very light blonde color. If you want to buy blonde wigs, then it is generally easy to dye into a variety of different colors, which is why blonde wigs are considered versatile. want to buy real wigs, you may wish to visit Ubeautywig official site, which a variety of various, various prices of real wigs are available, fully meet the needs of different The wigs are available in a wide variety of prices to meet the needs of different consumers.


All in all, you have plenty of choices to make your hair playful in colorful colors. Welcome to share your ideas of Pride Month hairstyles.