Electric Cars

Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

Electric cars are the future, and they are becoming more and more popular around the world today. Electric cars are not only kinder to the environment, but they can also be cheaper to run and maintain as you do not need to fill the tank with gas.

If you are considering getting a new car, there are plenty of reasons why an electric car is something worth considering. Here are some of the main benefits of picking an electric car for your next vehicle.

Credits and Incentives

When you buy or lease an electric car, there may be several incentives and programs available that you can use to get some money back. You can often find a range of incentives offered at the federal, state, and local levels that will bring down the cost of purchasing or leasing electric cars for sale in san diego due to how much better they are for the environment.

Federal tax credit is available for some electric and hybrid vehicles depending on the battery capacity. The Clean Vehicle Rebate Project provides rebate savings to purchasers and leasers of electric vehicles that are eligible for the program.

Cheaper Costs

Driving an electric car allows you to drive wherever you like at a much lower cost compared to driving a traditional gas-powered car. In many US states, charging an electric car costs around half the price of powering a standard gas-powered car when driving the same distance.

Cheaper Costs

Most of the time, electric car drivers will charge their electric cars overnight at home, waking up to a fully-charged battery. And there is a growing availability when it comes to public and workplace charging stations that are available. In addition to saving on fuel costs, you can also save on maintenance as electric cars have fewer moving parts compared to standard gas-powered cars. In addition, they do not require some of the regular maintenance tasks like oil changes, new fuel filters or new spark plugs.

Higher Performance

Many electric cars are a lot of fun to drive and now have a higher performance level compared to standard gas-powered cars. Today’s modern electric cars have fast acceleration and an enviable performance level. Unlike cars that run on gasoline, electric cars produce peak torque from a standstill rather than needing a build-up to reach maximum power like gas engines do.

In addition, the central position of the battery pack in most electric cars lowers the car’s center of gravity, which provides great handling, improved cornering, and better stability and weight distribution. If you are interested in finding the best vehicle when buying a used electric car, check out Compare.com. Compare.com has a lot of useful information on buying a used electric car including comparisons of models to help you choose the right option for you.

Be Kinder to the Planet

Electric cars are being encouraged throughout the world since they are able to actively reduce smog pollution levels and cut greenhouse gases, improving the environment and protecting the planet for years into the future.

When it is used in full electric mode, an electric car will not produce any tailpipe emissions, which ultimately lowers smog and greenhouse gas emissions even when you take the generation of electricity into account. And, cleaner cars on the road isn’t just better for the planet; it can also be much better for people’s health thanks to cleaner air.

Added Convenience

With an electric car, there is no need to make a last-dash trip to the gasoline station late at night to fill your car up, or spend time searching for the closest station with the cheapest prices. Instead, all you need to do is plug your car in to charge at home.

You can easily charge your car overnight, meaning that there’s no need to leave for work early in the morning so that you can fuel up on the way. Along with this, depending on where you are located, electric vehicles may also come with a range of further convenient benefits including access to special parking spots, access to restricted express lanes on bridges and highways, and free or reduced toll charges.

Do Electric Cars Have Any Downsides?

Around the world, the huge push for more drivers to get an electric car shows that there are many benefits to be had when it comes to driving electric vehicles, especially in terms of kindness to the planet, saving money and cleaner air. However, there are some downsides to consider before you decide if an electric car is the right next vehicle investment for you. These include:

Traveling Less Distance:

On average, electric cars do have a shorter range compared to gas-powered vehicles. Most models will range at between 60-120 miles per charge, while other higher power, more luxury models will give you up to 300 miles per charge. If you frequently take long trips, or frequent places where charging stations are not readily available, this might be an issue.

Long Charging Time:

Fully recharging the battery pack on an electric car will take significantly longer compared to filling a car up with gasoline. On average, a level one or level two charger can take up to eight hours for the battery of an electric vehicle to be at full power.

Fast charging stations are available, but even these can take around half an hour to charge the battery to 80% power, so you will need to plan your trips more carefully since running out of power in your car means more work than simply quickly stopping at a gas station.

Battery Packs are Expensive to Replace:

Finally, bear in mind that while running and maintaining an electric car is generally cheaper and more convenient compared to gas-powered cars, the battery packs themselves can be expensive to replace, and it is not uncommon to replace them several times over the car’s lifetime.

Electric cars are becoming an increasingly common sight on the roads today with more drivers opting for the eco-friendlier option. Weigh up all the pros and cons first if you are considering investing in an electric car for your next vehicle. Visit Prestige Cars to learn more about the best electric cars available on the market.