Pros and cons of installing a splash pad

Pros and cons of installing a splash pad

Splash pads are a fitting place with a safe surface or non-slip surface. It has many nozzles that can spray, shoot, rain, mist, and shower streams of water. Also, they are designed in a way that it has zero water depth.

Splash pads come in many varieties, and it is targeted towards kids. They can take different forms, such as light commercial splash zones, dazzling patio water, commercial spray pads, and a small backyard water park.

Also, splash pads go by several names, such as splash zones, unbeaches, spray parks, water playgrounds, and others.

Here are some pros and cons of splash pads before buying one.


#1 No drowning risk

Parents need to be more careful about their kids when it comes to water activities. However, if your kid is in a splash pad, there is almost no risk of drowning. Sadly in swimming pools, there is always a risk of drowning.

Hence, families with small kids and infants will feel much safer in a splash pad than in a pool.

#2 Less maintenance

A splash pad will need the same equipment as swimming pools which means pumps and chlorine. But compared to pools, it needs less cleaning and maintenance.

So, if you do not have time to maintain a pool, splash pads can be a great alternative.

#3 Cheaper than a pool

Having your pool at your home is excellent, but it is a considerable investment. So, splash pads are great for people who do not want to spend that much money but still want to have some water activities at home.

Moreover, they will take less space in your backyard as well as you need less water in the splash pad.

However, the prize will depend on the features of the splash pad and its size. But it will be a lot cheaper than a pool.

#4 Different features available

A splash pad can provide many features other than jet sprays. You can add many features to your splash pad, such as slides, grottos.

Pros and cons of installing a splash pad


#1 Potential for minor injury

Now on a splash pad, chances of drowning are very low, but other injuries might be a possibility. Even though you buy non-slip surface splash pads, there is a chance for kids to fall if they run too fast. Falling will lead to cuts, bruises, bumps, or scrapes.

#2 Not for everyone

Splash pads are a perfect activity for infants and toddlers. But teenagers and adults will most likely enjoy them in the splash pad. Due to this, a splash pad might not be handy for many people.

#3 Will take space in your backyard

Though most splash pads will not take as much area as swimming pools, you still need a good amount of space in your backyard to fit a small size splash pad.

Final thoughts

They are fun activities for toddlers and young kids. Also, it is safe for them as it is in a fitted area. If you want to install a splash pad at your home, there are many splash pad companies in your locality.