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The well-known personalities of the globe make a way for their kids and other family members to climb up the notches of prosperity. As a result of this without any hard work, they appear as a prominent name. However, Rene Kappos is one of them. She caught the eyes of the audience because of her husband named Mel Metcalfe III.

As the title of the article suggests it will proceed with furnishing all possible information about Rene Kappos. Along with her, a few segments will also be added about the people who are related to her.

Early Life And Family

Rene Kappos is the second wife of Mel Metcalfe III. She is best known after marrying him. As a result of this, it’s not possible to acquire any kind of notification about Rene’s family. However, being associated with such a notable personality she never appreciated discussing her early life.

Rene’s Husband And His Net Worth

Mel M. Metcalfe III is known to the glamorous world as an efficient actor and producer. In 1994 he made his debut on the big screen as an actor in the movie Holiday on the Moon Shadowman. Within a few years, he also tried his hands at directing dramas. The Art of the Doll Maker is one of Mel’s directed films. In 2007 he stood up as the producer after getting associated with the movie named The Priestess. Later in 2014, he became part of the film named A Golden State of Mind: The Storytelling Genius of Huell Howser as an editor.

Before walking down the aisle with  Rene Kappos, in 1996 Mel M. Metcalfe III tied the knot with Portia de Rossi. However, the couple called off their marriage in 1999.

Mel has an estimated net worth of around 950k dollars.

Who Is Portia de Rossi?

Portia Lee James DeGeneres AKA Portia de Rossi is an Australian actress. She was born on 31st January 1973 in Horsham, Victoria, Australia. Her parents were Margaret and Barry Rogers. At a very young age, she lost her father. Since then she witnessed her mother working hard for the family. To support her mother Portia stepped into the modelling realm for television commercials and so on. Meanwhile, she also attended Geelong Grammar School followed by the University of Melbourne, to study law.

In 1994 Portia de Rossi appeared in front of the audience as a fresh and young protagonist in an Australian movie named Sirens. However, from 1998 to 2002 she featured in an American series named Ally McBeal. Her performance assisted her to earn much appreciation and a Screen Actors Guild Award. Some of her notable works are The Woman in the Moon, American Intellectuals, Who Is Cletis Tout? The Night We Called It a Day, Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher, America’s Prince: The John F. Kennedy Jr. Story, Sean Saves the World and so on.

Her works encouraged Portia to win the TV Land Award, Golden Satellite Award and so on. After parting ways with Mel M. Metcalfe III, Portia de Rossi again found love in the famous television host Ellen DeGeneres. However, both of them were espoused in 2008.

Portia de Rossi has a net worth of around 50 million dollars.

Rene Kappos’ Net Worth

No such information can be gathered that will depict Rene Kappos’ mode of income. That’s why it’s not possible to convey anything about her net worth.


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