Ric Flair’s Net Worth

Ric Flair’s Net Worth, How Much Did Ric Flair Earn?

Richard Morgan Fliehr or well known as Ric Flair is an American professional wrestler and professional wrestling manager in the World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (WWE). His career in the industry has gained him a WWE legend’s contract.  

During his career as a professional wrestler, Ric was called the greatest of all time by journalists and different associates.

With 40 years of his career time, he is well noted for his contributions and tenure in World Championship Wrestling – WCW, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling – TNA, World Wrestling Federation – WWF, and with Jim Crockett Promotion – JCP. 

In wrestling, Ric Flair’s alias is the “Nature Boy” which is a gimmick that he adopted and as an act of tribute to fellow pro wrestler, Buddy Rogers. He became the Nature Boy in 1974 – 1981.

He has been officially acknowledged by the WWE with his success in a 16-time world champion, although some sources vary that the number of championships Ric holds is about 16 to 25. Ric declared that he is a 21-time champion.

On top of this, he was the first to hold the title of World Heavyweight Champion in WCW and the first and last to hold the title of International World Heavyweight Champion in WCW.

Ric was the first to compete in the WCW Triple Crown match event, and also the first to compete and won the Intercontinental Championship on WWE’s own version of the Triple Crown event. 

Personal Details

Celebrity Name: Ric Flair
Full Name: Richard Morgan Fliehr
Gender: Male
Birthday: February 25, 1949
Place of Origin: Memphis, Tennessee, US
Age: 71
Height: 6’.07”
Nationality: American
Sexual Orientation: Straight Male
Status: Married
Wife: Wendy Barlow
Profession: Professional Wrestler and Professional Wrestling Manager
Total Net Worth: $3 million

Ric Flair’s Net Worth

Early Life

Ric Flair was born on February 25, 1949, in Memphis, Tennessee, United States. He is an adopted son of Dr. Richard Reid Fliehr and Kathleen Kinsmiller Fliehr, his biological parents were Luther and Olive Phillips.

His adoption was a part of a program for Georgia Tann’s baby kidnapping operation that was assisted by the Tennessee Children’s Home Society. 

The Fliehr family settled in Edina, Minnesota, where Ric has spent his childhood years. He attended school in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin – Wayland Academy for four years where he was active in sports by competing in the interscholastic competition in track, football, and wrestling.

After graduating from high school, he went to the University of Minnesota where he attended college briefly. 

Personal Life

Ric Flair was married five times, first is with Leslie Goodman in 1971 – 1983, second is with Elizabeth Harrel in 1983 – 2006, third is with Tiffany VanDenmark in 2006 – 2009, fourth is with Jackie Beems in 2009 – 2014 and fifth is with his current wife, Wendy Barlow, since 2018.

He has four children. He has a son David and a daughter Megan from his first wife Leslie, and a son Reid and daughter Ashley with his second wife Elizabeth. His sons and daughters were also inspired by his profession and also made a career in the pro wrestling industry. 

In his personal life, Ric encountered challenges and some legal issues. In 2005, he had an arrest warrant on a road rage incident where he was charged with simple assault and battery and injury to personal property.

In 2008, his financial business declared bankruptcy. In 2010, he was filed with a lawsuit by Ring of Honor when he did not present himself on several events when he is supposed to and an alleged debt of $40,000 US dollars, these lawsuits were not resolved.

In 2011, Highspots, Inc. filed a warrant of arrest to Ric Flair for violating the terms of his settlement for a loan, an official statement on Facebook was then released by Highspots that someone had already paid for Ric’s debts.   

Early Career

His training for a professional wrestling career started when he attended Verne Gagne’s first wrestling camp together with Jim Brunzell, The Iron Sheik, Ken Patera, and Greg Gagne in Gagne’s barn just outside Minneapolis in 1971. 

His career and the alias Ric Flair debut was in Rice Lake, Wisconsin when he competed with George Gadaski that resulted in a 10-minute fight draw.

After that, he spent his time in AWA, which he had matches against Wahoo McDaniel, Larry Hennig, Dusty Rhodes, Chris Taylor, and Andre the Giant. 

Rising to Stardom

As Ric progressed in his career with AWA, he was given opportunities to compete in Japan for the International Wrestling Enterprise.

In 1974, after he left AWA, he went to Jim Crockett, Jr.’s Middle Atlantic Championship Wrestling, from then on, he began working on tours for the All Japan Pro Wrestling.    

It was in 1974 when Flair used his wrestling alias the “Nature Boy”. This is the time when Ric reached his elite status in the wrestling community when he referred to himself as the Nature Boy to flame up a feud between the original Nature Boy, Buddy Rogers.

As he continued his career, Ric held on to the name Nature Boy in tribute to Buddy Rogers.  Ric’s career went on through a lot of competitions and contracts on a large stage.

He also competed in different countries such as Singapore, New Zealand, and Japan. And, in 2001, he became the co-owner of the World Wrestling Federation.

Championship and Accomplishments

With his career of 40 years in the industry, Ric Flair has won several championships and has received recognitions, here are just a few of his accomplishments. 

He is a George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame, Class of 2013. WCW World Heavyweight Champion six times. WCW International Worldheavyweight Champion for two times. NWA World Heavyweight Championship nine times. 

Received awards for Rookie of the Year in 1975, the Stanley Weston Award in 2008 and Wrestler of the Year in 1981, 1984 – 1986, 1989, and 1992. 

Ric Flair’s Total Net Worth 

As a professional wrestling manager and retired professional wrestler, Ric Flair has earned his spot in the industry and was called the greatest professional wrestler in the world during his time.

He also shares his success with his contributions and tenure to both national and international wrestling organizations.  

Ric Flair’s total net worth as of 2020 is $3 million.