Shipping Container Sizes

Shipping Container Sizes: A Quick Guide

Did you know that over 90% of goods are sent by sea freight globally? This huge statistic shows just how important the shipping industry and elements such as shipping containers are to the global economy.

Do you use shipping containers? Maybe you are shipping materials globally each week? Or perhaps you have a static container that you use as a crew office, for storage, or even as a house?

In any case, there are many different uses for shipping containers. Which one is best for you? Why not read on to learn all about shipping container sizes.

20 ft. Shipping Container

When considering which shipping containers you need, start small. For many traders, the 20 ft shipping container is a suitable size and is the most popular choice.

But how much can you actually sit into a container of this size?

This container has a length of 6.06 meters with a width of 2.44. Its height is 2.59 meters. It can carry a gross weight of 30480kg. This size trailer is also available as a refrigerated trailer.

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40 ft Shipping Container

If you are looking for something with wider shipping container dimensions, a 40 ft shipping may be a better option. Amazingly despite having approximately twice as much volume, it generally only works out as 20% more expensive.

This makes it one of the most efficient ways to ship goods by sea. It has a length of 12.19 meters. Its width is 2.44 meters and height 2.59 meters, standard dimensions for containers.

If shipping container cost is your priority, this is likely a good option for you.

40 ft Shipping Container

45 ft Shipping Container

Sea freight is only growing in popularity, it is estimated that 113.5 million tonnes of sea freight passed through British ports in just 2 months at the end of 2020.

If you are looking to buy shipping container space and you need a lot of volume then a large 45ft container may be your best option.

It comes with a length of 13.71 meters. It has a standard width of 2.44 meters but you have the option of either 2.59 or 2.89 meters for the height of the container.

If you are looking for a larger container than this they are available. You can also select 53 ft or 60 ft but these are special request items. Why not consult with a professional company to learn more about these?

Everything You Need to Know About Shipping Container Sizes and More

Whether you are looking to ship materials across the world or simply want to increase your local storage options, knowing what shipping container sizes are available can help you.

By applying the principles we have discussed you can ensure that you get the container that meets your exact needs.

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