Shot In The Dark Season 2

Shot In The Dark Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew and Latest Updates

If documentary TV series seem to excite you, then you must be watching Shot In The Dark on Netflix. The premiere of this show began in 2017 on 17th November. The 8th episode of the initial season tells about the story of stringers in LA. The documentary series follows 3 firms that are into the stringing task in a television news channel from Los Angeles. The 3 stringing companies are RMGNews, OnScene.TV, and LoudLabs LLC. 

They are in competition with each other in getting the perfect shot that is referred to by news for selling. The documentary show emphasizes a similar subject and various similar people like Stringers: LA, a documentary series in 2007. Let us explore more about the documentary show Shot In The Dark. 

Show Details 

TV Series: Shot In The Dark
Genre: Disaster documentary & Crime drama
Directed by: Jeff Daniels
Starring: Howard Raishbrook, Austin Raishbrook, Marc Raishbrook & others
Place: Los Angeles, California
Distributor: Netflix
Original release: 17th November 2017
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 8

Shot In The Dark Season 2: Release Date

More About Shot In The Dark

Shot In The Dark Season is a documentary show that delves into the professional life of stringers. If you are confused with the term ‘stringers’ then let me tell you that they are into freelancing jobs of video recording of whatever the scene they spot on the place where crime has occurred. Not only crime, but if there is any accident that has taken place, they take the shots. 

These shots are then reported to news channels for selling motives. Note that Stringers are freelancers, meaning they are not employed directly. When the show moves ahead, these stringers work overtime and even develop a bonding with various channels after collaborating with them. 

Now if you think this collaboration stays forever, then no it is not. Like there is tough competition everywhere, the same is with stringers also. They also put themselves in the cut-throat competition in proving each the best. And to prove their mettle, every stringer has to be super quick. 

By super quick I mean a stringer needs to visit the crime site as earliest as possible. Because there are others in the competition, and they will do all their best efforts in reaching the scene first. So now you can understand how much pressure these stringers carry on themselves to prove their worth before their opponent stringer gets the chance. 

Season 1 Of Shot In The Dark

If you watch its first season, then the documentary show puts the prime emphasis on the ethics that every stringer needs to follow in 3 big companies based in Los Angeles. Everyone had a rough start before getting into the right business. They race against each other all night in making the best out of their business.

A Documentary Series

Shot In The Dark is not an entertainment show, but a documentary. The season 1 eighth episode showed how professionals do all to become stingers. In this show, people are given the best opportunity to shoot whatever they feel like. You will be surprised to know that these stringers are even facilitated with the racy cars to speed up their way. 

Connections With Law Bodies

Mostly everyone abstains from making connections with the police. But crime reporters and stringers come as the best sources to get ideas. So all I mean to say is when it comes to your profession, you cannot make choices. Rather you have to adapt yourselves to that job that demands you to make links with law bodies. But becoming a successful stringer is not luck for all. 

Be Quick And Alert To Become a Better Stringer

For someone who is habitual of living in comfort cannot become a stringer at any cost. There is no place for people with a lethargic approach in this job. So one needs to be very fast. And more than that alertness is also one such key to becoming a successful stringer. Hence one should be quick enough to drive to reach the crime location on time. 

Shot In The Dark also tells about the perfect shooting sense which is a must for a stringer, while getting on to the spot. It shows your prowess and intelligence and how far you can go to become a better stringer. So if you wish to become a stringer then inculcate the attributes required for this job.

Stringer: The Most Hectic Jobs In The World

If you think the job of a stringer might be very easy to take, then you are thinking wrong. Becoming a stringer is not as simple as you may think. By watching the Shot In The Dark show, your perception would certainly change. Among the hectic jobs in the world, the profession of stringers is one of them. 

Not All Is Green Here

When you take up the job of a stringer, you should not be expecting all good things to happen. Prepare your mind for adverse circumstances that you might have to face as a stringer. The job of stringers comes with immense pressure that can prompt you to leave it forever. But if you are dedicated enough to take up the risks in the stringer jobs, then you succeed. 

The success of Shot In The Dark Season 1

If you have liked the first season of Shot In The Dark, then it is obvious that you should be expecting the second season to come soon. Well, let me tell you that the first season of the latter documentary show came four years ago in November. But after that, fans have been craving to watch more of it. The success of Shot In The Dark 1st season came with positive reviews and was applauded for its concept. 

Shot In The Dark Season 2: Is It Happening Or Delayed?

Coming up to know whether the show’s second season is happening or not, then sorry to put off your joy it is finally over. Why? Because it was not a regular series, but a miniseries instead. So in short, stop expecting the second season of Shot In The Dark as it is not going to take place anymore.