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Sites Like Rabbit.it TV, Top 14 Best Alternatives To Rabbit

Rabbit, or more commonly known as Rabb.it TV was a video streaming and video sharing web application launched in 2014. It gained popularity due to its ability to connect friends or colleagues from anywhere else and watch the same content in real-time. 

The platform amassed an estimated 2.6 million monthly active users before its eventual shutdown on July 31, 2019. Reasons for the shutdown are associated with securing funding and investors withdrawing from the project. 

Since then, it’s loyal users have been looking for any alternatives that could provide the same experience as Rabbit. If you are one of those seeking a new web sharing service, then you are in luck. We are compiling the 14 best alternatives to Rabbit that could provide the same if not more of the platform’s popular features. 


Tutturu.tvTutturu.tv offers almost all of the features that made Rabbit popular. It is a shared browsing platform with an interactive browsing feature. 

Just like Rabbit, users can access anything using it’s very own exclusive web app. As the host, you can create a virtual room and invite your friends to browse and watch content with you. 

The virtual Tutturu web app is free but free users may need to wait to use the service. You can skip ahead and access the app immediately by subscribing. The monthly subscription fee is only $5.


Kosmi is another web sharing app

Kosmi is another web sharing app that you might enjoy. The platform is not only limited to shared browsing and streaming. It also includes shared games where anyone can interact and play. 

The platform does not require users to sign up or install a web app. You can immediately create a room directly from the website. Interacting is easy with the use of your webcam and microphone along with its built-in chat feature. 

Apart from watching synced videos together, you can also play a game of Quake 3 or hold a virtual Texas Holdem Poker game with your friends! You can also activate the Virtual Cardtable where you can play any card game using a regular deck of playing cards. 


Launched in 2011

Launched in 2011, Watch2gether has been around longer than Rabbit. Users can use the service without the need to sign up. Just create a room and invite your friends. 

The site allows users to share content with anyone in the chat room. Shared streaming is restricted only to supported platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Dailymotion, and Vimeo. Services like Netflix and Hulu, which require logging in, however, are not allowed. 

You can also listen to music together with SoundCloud and stream live videos on Twitch. Browsing is also interactive where all users in the chat can help navigate. 



Sharing files, streaming videos, and playing games. These are the things that you can do with using Simulchat. 

You can create private chat rooms, invite your friends, and interact with them. Videos that you can share however are only limited to sites with free access. That means contents from services like Netflix cannot be shared. 

The service is free but sign-up is required. Registration is fast and easy so you can quickly watch together with friends and family. 



TogetherTube is another free service where you can share content from supported platforms like SoundCloud, YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo. Watch and listen together with your friends in real-time! 

The platform allows you to create public and private chat rooms. The rooms are also interactive where members can add contents they want to watch and then vote on which ones to play next. 

Here’s another feature of TogetherTube. Hosts of chat rooms can configure the settings by changing the room name or restricting selected users from participating in the content voting. 



Apart from being a web sharing service, Rave also acts as a social media platform. You can post and share on the service the contents that you watched to your friends and family. 

The supported platforms that can be shared on Rave are YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive, Reddit, Viki, and Vimeo. Stream contents from your Dropbox and Google Drive in real-time. 

The service is accessible using web browsers and its dedicated mobile apps that are available in both iOS and Android. 

Netflix Party

Netflix Party

Netflix Party is a web extension that can be installed only in Google Chrome. To create a successful real-time synced streaming party, all participants are required to install the extension in their respective devices. 

Users in the party can also interact in real-time using the built-in chat feature. While it is only limited to Netflix content, the service is only one of a few which allows Netflix shows to be streamed and shared. 



Kast is essentially a Rabbit successor. After the company’s closure in 2019, Kast acquired the intellectual properties and patents of Rabbit. 

The platform can be used for messaging, video sharing, and file sharing. It also allows a user to create a watch party that could accommodate up to 100 people. Kast has started gaining popularity in live streaming games. 

The service is available as a desktop client as well as on iOS and Android devices. 


Considered as a “true” Rabbit substitute, Caracal has most of the features that made Rabbit great. The platform has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows you to easily create private and public virtual rooms. 

Just like Rabbit, it also has its virtual web app to access and share any content that you want. Remote passing is also available which creates a more interactive experience. 

The availability of rooms is currently limited for free users but you can immediately create one by paying a monthly subscription fee of $5.



Signing up is not required for you to be able to enjoy the services of myCircle.tv. A great Rabbit alternative, the platform lets you stream and share directly from YouTube, Dailymotion, and Video.

You can also interact using the chat features that support the use of emojis. Audio and webcam support however is not yet available. 

There’s no need to install an app. Just access directly from the site. You can also share your invite link on Twitter and Facebook using the Social Share feature. 



Synaptop is another platform that provides a complete remote desktop experience. An account must be created first to enjoy its services.

From there, you can add apps that allow you to access movies, music, and even books! You can also use it to collaborate on projects remotely. 

Synaptop is web-based so you don’t have to download anything. The movies that you can stream however are limited only to what is available on the platform. 



Airtime is one of only a few apps that provides iOS and Android support. The app allows you to share content directly from your mobile screen. 

Messaging and video chats are also available on the app along with video streaming. You can also listen to music together with Spotify. Videos however are only limited to supported platforms such as YouTube. 

GIFs are available in the messaging feature and you can also play games together with your friends. 

Explorii App

Explorii App

Explorii is relatively new which acts mainly as a social media app that helps you connect and learn from different parts of the world.

The app is complete with the social media experience such as messaging, video calls, and even free over the internet phone calls. The app also supports streaming which allows you to create rooms and stream your favorite videos with your friends! 



Create and host a private or public chat room without signing up using AndChill. It is one of the alternatives that allow you to connect with people with the same interests. 

You can easily chat, share links, and watch synced videos with your friends online. With a completely simple interface, listen to music with friends and enjoy the same content remotely with just a click. 


With all of these excellent Rabbit alternatives, there’s no more excuse to not spend quality time with your family and friends even if you are far apart. Enjoy the music, videos, and games together with the ones that matter most!