Smart Storage Ideas

Smart Storage Ideas

Storage space is a precious commodity. You can’t really have too much of it, especially if you’re in the habit of accumulating stuff and never throwing it away!

There are dozens of ways you can create storage space in the home. Even when you’re just buying a few square inches here and there, the cumulative effect of multiple storage hacks can be a revitalising sense of reclaimed space. Your home will feel bigger, without the need for an extension!

Let’s run through a few choice ideas for smart storage.

Multipurpose furniture

If your furniture can also serve as a storage space, then you’ll naturally get more from it. Drawers in the coffee table, Ottoman beds, and sliding boxes beneath your sofa: they can all make a difference.

Use the walls

When you’re considering new storage, try to think in three dimensions. If you’re making use of a given wall for, say, a desktop computer, then why not suspend some cabinets over the top of it? Stock it with rarely-used items, like printer cartridges and spare laptop chargers.

If you have a collection of guitars, then a few wall hooks might make an ideal place to display them. Not only will you have a prominent talking point, but you’ll also avoid surrendering floor space.

Use square pots

One underappreciated problem in the kitchen is that bottles and tins tend to be round. This means a little bit of wasted space in your cupboard. If tins were square, you’d be able to fit an extra one for every four you kept in your cupboard.

Fortunately, there’s a solution, here: invest in a few square containers to keep dried pasta, rice, cereal, and other dried goods. Make sure that they fit your cupboard space, label them appropriately, and then never look back.

Awkward spaces

Eaves, under-stair voids, the awkward spaces formed by a rogue chimney breast: they’re all ideal candidates for storage since they’re difficult to find other uses for. In most cases, it makes sense to go for something purpose-built. The right bespoke cupboard can seamlessly slot beneath your eaves, creating something that’s not only space-efficient but beautiful, too!

Use the backs of cabinet doors

This is a classic tip and an effective one. Not only will you be able to keep more items in your cabinets, but you’ll also have easier access to them. Brilliant for miniature spice pots, in particular.

Garage joists

The garage is notorious for wasted storage potential. Chances are, you can get more out of it than you currently do. In particular, you might make use of the joists overhead, with the help of a few hanging baskets – or even a long stretch of wire shelving. Perfect for sports equipment, tools, and other miscellanea. Just be sure that you’ve secured them properly; where overhead storage is concerned, caution is warranted.