Snoop Dogg Total Net Worth: How Much Is He Earning?

Professionally, Snoop Dogg is known as an American rapper, songwriter, singer, record producer, and actor. As of today, Snoop Dogg has a net worth of $150 million, which makes him one of the most successful and richest rappers in the world. 

Personal Details

Stage Name: Snoop Dogg

Real Name: Calvin Cordozar Boradus Jr

Occupation: Professional Rapper 

Gender: Male

Birthday: October 20, 1971

Place of Origin: California

Age: 49

Height: 1.93m

Nationality: American

Total Net Worth: $150 million

Early Life

Born and raised in Longbeach, California, Snoop Dogg was the middle child of the family. He had 2 siblings both are brothers. One younger, and one older. Snoop never had a lot of time with his biological father as he and her mother were left behind when he was still 3 months old.

He lived with his mother and his step-father then. When he was still young, Snoop Dogg was nicknamed “Snoopy” because of his fondness of the cartoon character from Peanuts. And guess what, this is where his stage name partially originated from.

When Snoop was still young, he began singing and started playing the piano at Golgotha Trinity Baptist Church. He even sold candies and delivered newspapers just to meet his family’s necessities.

Snoop Dogg started rapping when he was still young. He started at sixth grade. When he became a teenager, Snoop became a member of the well-known notorious gang called “Crips” in Long Beach. Due to crimes, Snoop Dogg spent time in prison. After that, he gathered with some, now famous rappers, Nate Dogg and Lil ½ Dead to put up together some tracks. 


1992 when Snoop was featured in a mixtape. This mixtape was handed to Dr Dre. Dr Dre was so impressed that he invited Snoop over for an audition. Dr Dre then became Snoops mentor and started tutoring him on how to “structure” his raps.

Later that year, Snoop collaborated with his mentor, Dr Dre on his album “The Chronic”, which became a huge success for a solo career off the back of the album. 

Snoop Dogg’s career booms up when his debut album “Doggystyle” becomes a huge success. Starting from this point, he then continued heading towards greatness in the music industry. Today, he has sold over a drastic quantity of albums worldwide, and it is now at 35 million albums and counting. Due to this sale, Snoop has been tagged as one of the richest rappers in the world. 

Snoop Dogg also coaches a football team, both in youth and high school. September 2009 when Snoop was hired as the chairman of Priority records by EMI.

2012 when Snoop announced that he had converted to Rastafarianism, coming from a trip from Jamaica. He said that he was to be known as Snoop Lion. From this, Snoop released a reggae album titled, “Reincarnated”, which is also a documentary of his experience in Jamaica. 

2015 when he decided to be called Snoop Dogg again, and released the album “Bush”. There have been a lot of changes in Snoop Dogg, and one that attracted a lot of controversy is his conversion to a born-again Christian in 2018. Along with his conversion, he released his first ever gospel album, titled, “Bible of Love”. Also released his seventeenth solo album, “I wanna Thank Me” in 2019.

In addition to his love of music, Snoop had also directed some adult films under several aliases. He also appeared in some television and in films both as Snoop Dogg, himself or sometimes as a fictional character. He also hosted several television shows, which includes, Doggy Fizzle Televizzle, Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood, Dogg After Dark, WrestleMania, and Snoop and Martha’s Potluck Dinner Party. 

Other than that, Snoop also appeared in a number of commercial endorsements, which includes Boost Mobile, Chrysler 200, Orbit Gum, and also St. Ides. He also advertised a couple of clothing lines. 

Personal Life

June 12, 1997 when Snoop married his high school sweetheart, Shante Taylor. Due to some conflicts and disputes, Snoop and Shante got divorced in 2004.

Though they have a couple of misunderstandings and differences, they ruined and renewed their wedding vows in January 2008. Up until now, they have been happily married for 23 years.

They have been blessed with three children together, sons Corde (1994), and Cordell (1997), and a loving daughter, named Cori (1999). Other than the three beautiful children, Snoop also has a son, Julian Corrie Broadus in 1998, from a relationship he had with Laurie Holmond. Snoop became a grandfather when Corder and his girlfriend, Jessica Kyzer, had a son in 2015. 

Snoop was well-known for his fondness for smoking cannabis, and ever since the start of his career, Snoop has been using it, and he’s even not declining it. Because of this, cannabis has been the trademark of his image. 

In an interview in 2006, Snoop claimed that way before 2003, he was a professional pimp, saying that “That shit was my natural calling and once I got involved with it, it became fun. It was like shootin’ layups for me. I was makin’ ‘em every time.” However due to some advice of some of the pimps, he knew that would eventually gave up on pimping so that he can spend more time with his family. 

Real Estate

2007 when Snoop Dogg sold his Mediterranean-style home in Claremont, California for $1.83 million. The house has eight bedrooms and is on a 6,527 square foot area.

He bought the house in 1994 for $660,000 but moved out of it in the year 2000. Other than that, Snoop also owned a four bedroom house in Diamond Bar also in California. This house is on a 3,808 square foot area in which he purchased in the amount of $720,000.

Snoop Dogg Total Net Worth

Snoop Dogg’s total net worth as of the moment would be at more or less $150 million. Snoop was well-known due to his cannabis-smoking.

This hobby of his became his image and if ever someone mentions cannabis, Snoop Dogg will always be along with it. Due to his talent in rapping, Dr Dre became his mentor and tutored him in some knowledge he can use in rapping.