LED high bay lights

Specifications and advantages of LED high bay lights

Large indoor spaces require lighting for various reasons. These spaces have important functions when it comes to different humanly activities which need to be facilitated by ambient lighting which also enhance the quality of tasks carried out specific to that area.

These spaces are industries, warehouses, hospitals, production plants, conventional centres, gymnasiums, etc. In such spaces the ceiling height extends above 20 feet and is usually around 50 feet. To facilitate the lighting situation in these spaces, it is necessary to have powerful fixtures which are able to provide bright high quality illumination at all levels.

For this purpose, LED high bay lights are the most impactful fixtures to exist. These are powerful luminaires engineered specifically to satisfy all the needs of task oriented spaces.

Structure of LED high bay light

LED high bay light is constructed keeping in mind all the internal and external elements which might affect the quality of lighting. A high bay light has following features:

High quality housing structure:

The frame of any high bay light fixture is made up of aluminum. It is usually available in two options; aluminum or die-cast aluminum. For industries which are involved in production of harmful chemicals die-cast aluminum housing is preferred.

The housing contains all the optical and electrical components of the fixture while also providing support to the fixture.


The main purpose of the lens in these fixtures is to direct the light within a focused beam angle. The material of the lens is resistant to scratch or breakage. It is made up of reflective material.

LED lamps:

LED chips are used in linear high bay lights. These chips seldom require any replacement like traditional lamps do. They are efficient and produce a controlled amount of light which can be directed as desired.

Specifications and advantages of LED high bay lights

Types of High bay fixtures

There are two types of high bay light fixtures:

Round high bays

Round high bay lights are also known as UFO high bays because of their shape. They are available in variable lumen outputs. A round high bay fixture has multiple applications and they are quite versatile when it comes to their installation. This is a very efficient design of this fixture and it complies with all the standards of lighting.

There are fins present at the back of the fixture which efficiently dissipate heat, while it is compatible with multiple reflectors which ease the spread of light. The size of the fixture vary according to the lumen output.

Linear high bays

Linear high bays are large rectangular high bay lights. They are mostly employed in industrial zones and other processing plants as the space which requires illumination is so much more in comparison to other high ceiling areas.

These linear fixtures are supported by a compatible housing which houses all the components and help in mounting the fixture.

Advantages of using High bay led fixtures

LED high bay fixtures have many significant advantages over traditional high bay light fixtures. Some of these advantages which business owners get are:

1.   Higher lumen output

LED high bays are powerful and bright, they have a very high lumen output despite having the same wattage rating as their traditional counterparts. Lumens are a measure of brightness and LEDs produce higher amounts of brightness than any other lamp.

2.   Lesser investment

It is quite necessary to work the layout when it comes to large indoor spaces as the lighting requirement can be different in different zones within these spaces. As they are multifunctional spaces there are several processes going on under one roof.

It is important to learn about the ceiling type prior to installation as it gives an insight on whether the fixture is compatible with the ceiling design or not.

On the other hand, LED high bay lights are also available in retrofit kits to facilitate the process of refurbishing in industrial spaces without much wear and tear.

By calculating the exact illumination requirement it is easy to calculate the number of fixtures required to reach that illumination level, which in turn reduces the investment cost as LED high bay lights are conventionally brighter.

3.   Directional lighting

These light fixtures are equipped with different kinds of reflectors despite the shape and design. Their sizing varies and it helps create an ambient lighting layout while layering the light as per requirement.

The different kind of reflectors used are:

  • Downlights
  • Parabolic reflectors
  • Prismatic reflectors
  • Glass reflectors

Unlike traditional lamps LED throws light in a fixed beam angle which directly hits the point of illumination. In this way, the light is not wasted or dispersed in the surrounding before it reaches the point of illumination. The lens along with reflectors controls the amount and direction of light within an angle of 120 degrees. This allows layering of lights to illuminate shelves, machinery and other equipment at any elevation level.

Directional lighting is the biggest attribute as it enhances visibility and facilitates the people working in that area.

4.   Energy efficient

LED fixtures are highly energy efficient. Despite being powerful luminaries these fixtures consume very little energy. They are reported to have saved up 85% of the energy while producing the light and only converting a fraction of it to heat, which suggests their low heat production and efficient heat sink which dissipates it without causing any change in temperature of the environment or harming the fixture.

5.   Low maintenance and replacement cost

LED high bay lights have longer life spans. The manufacturers guarantee their functional life lasts up to 11 years. During their functional life the malfunctioning or replacement is a rare occurrence. They do not require extra maintenance or frequent replacement after every two years which highly reduces the costs and benefits the owners as they can invest the savings in other areas around the industry.

LED high bay lights are revolutionary and they have set a milestone in the lighting industry for what has yet to come. These light fixtures meet all the lighting demands of today’s world and that too quite efficiently while also being a source of comfort and ambience. It is possible through careful engineering and several regulations which help determine their promising future across several industries.