Spinning Out Season 2
Spinning Out Season 2

Spinning Out Season 2: Release Date, Cast, and Updates

Spinning out Season 2 is a series of an American drama initially created by Samantha Strattonand. The producer of the series is Safehouse pictures. It is a lovely and ice skating drama specified towards Kat Baker.  Baker decided to quit skating after falling in a competition.

However, she gets a second chance and pairs up with Evan Roderick. One thing she realizes is that she has to encounter and defeat so many challenges. Her challenges are not limited to the ice but also a wide range of activities.

Spinning out was first aired on Netflix on January 1st, 2020, with a single season. It has a 7.7 out of 10, which clearly shows that it has been a hit. 

Kats love triangles, and the new coach makes skating a minor challenge to overcome. She finds herself amid events where she has to choose between 2 hot guys at Sun Valleys. Therefore, we are left in suspense in knowing whether she qualifies and will make it for the nation’s performances. 

Viewers are also left in suspense in knowing the decision she makes in her love relationships. Another question that comes in is whether there shall be season 2 or not. 

Is it happening?

Spinning Out
Spinning Out

The end of season one left the viewers in suspense and with questions indicating that season will come. A love triangle and other incidences that mark season one make it easy to conclude that season 2 is coming. Questions such as the outcome of love decisions and performance in the regional and national events will be answered in season 2. 

Canceling of  Season 2 of Spinning Out

Netflix announced the canceling of Spinning Out Season 2 in February 2020. The show was canceled after one month of airing. Viewers have taken on social media to demand for season 2. However, cancellation of a show does not mark its end. Chances are still there that Spinning Out Season 2 will continue.

The reasons for canceling the show have not been revealed much. However, one of the factors contributing to its cancellation was that it did not bring many viewers. 

Release of Spinning Out Season 2

Canceled shows usually have very high chances of getting renewed. Spinning Out Season 2 is likely to get a renewal. However, the date of release after the revival is not known. The quicker the process of renewal, the faster the date of release.

The chances of having it in January 2021 are very high. It is because January is the season for skating. Stay tuned for that time and keep in touch, for we shall update you of any updates.

There are also high possibilities that it will not air on Netflix. It may use another tv show to air.

The plot of Spinning Out Season 2

Spinning Out Season 2
Spinning Out Season 2

The chances are high that season 2 will pick up from where season one ended. Season 2 is likely to cover the incidences that happen when Kat attended the regional competitions and possibly the nationals if she qualifies.

About the love triangle, we shall know whether she manages the two hot guys or chooses one. The season is therefore going to have very hot episodes. Drama and suspense will dominate the season as it happened with season one.

The revolution of the storyline will continue from where it ended. In the first season, we see Kat in need of a coach to help her make it to the nationals in the upcoming regional competition. The coaching ends up in a love triangle between two guys who end up confusing her. 

We are yet to see what comes with season 2, which will be sweltering.

The cast of Spinning Out Season 2

Very high chances are, therefore, the participants in the first season doing the second. Because the season will be growing to the regional levels, there may be some more characters. Kat, Justin, Marcus, Serena, and Jenn will assume their roles in the first season.

Mitch may not come back because he refused to coach Serena anymore. However, this is not to conclude that he goes forever. He may feature back. The official cast for season 2 has not been announced. We expect anything to happen in terms of shifting characters etc.

Spinning Out Season 2 updates

So far, there are no updates from the show makers. We are aware of the complaints that they aired upon cancellation of the second season. We are tuned to see if there shall be any update regarding the show’s release, cast, or plot.


Spinning Out is a lovely series of play that brings together drama, suspense, and romance. Having it canceled does not mean it is the end of the show. We still expect the continuation of the following events after season one. 

Although there is no communication about when the second season will be released or renewed, we are tuned to see what comes along. Stay tuned too.