Spring color 2020

Top 8 Spring Colors You Should Wear in 2020

Spring is a wonderful season to show off your fashion taste and it’s always a good idea to check what’s in and what’s not for 2020 so you can stay with the trend. In most cases, celebrities and social media influencers are the first to showcase their outfits with spring colors. Sure, you can keep an eye on what your favorite star is wearing. But, wouldn’t it be better if you already have an idea what spring colors you should rock this 2020?

So, check out our list of the top 8 spring colors that should be in your closet this 2020!

#1: Flame Scarlet

Red has always been the color of a confident and elegant personality. If you are feeling strong and confident, then go for a flame scarlet coat. To complete the look, wear a multi-patterned dress that brings out the flame scarlet shade more. Add some accessories, such as black hairclips with pearls and a black or red small bag. To boost the look more, wear black stilettos.

Flame scarlet

#2: Orange Peel

The color orange will surely stand out, which is why it should be in your fashion list. If you wear that has the orange peel shade, you might as well go bold! Go for a dress and pair it with matching accessories, such as gold earrings or a necklace. Orange is also a fun color, so you can wear it wherever you go. It also has a light appearance, meaning you can be fashionable without trying too hard.

#3: Ballet Pink

The ballet pink shade is all about feminity and delicateness. It goes well with any denim, from crisp white to faded blue. By wearing this shade, you will look stunning effortlessly. You can also pair a ballet pink top with a lightweight jacket. Rest assured, whether you are on your way to the office or meeting your friends, this shade won’t let you down! 

#4: Saffron Yellow

If you feel like wearing something yellow and want to be more adventurous, then saffron yellow is the best choice. To make the color really pop out, go for a saffron yellow dress and pair it with a solid blue coat, blue sandals, and yellow sunglasses!

Yellow coat

#5: Cinnamon Stick

Bright and rainbow colors are not the only ones trendy in 2020. If you prefer neutral colors, don’t worry! They are still definitely on-trend this year. The cinnamon stick is a type of brown shade that you can use as the base for your animal prints. You can also use your clothes with this shade as your go-to for any type of pair of pants or slacks. The best thing about neutral colors is that you can wear it no matter what season!

#6: Biscay Green

Biscay green is the best color to bring out your street style. It may not be as conspicuous as bright green, but Biscay green is still eye-catching because of its cool tones. A great way to show off the color is to wear a matching top and slacks, like what Gigi Hadid wore. You can also wear a dress of this shade and pair it with your favorite strappy sandals, which can be any color like gold, silver, and white.

#7: Sunlight

During seasons that are awkward, which is known as transitional seasons, you may not be comfortable with wearing colorful outfits. If that is the case, then you’d surely want to go with sunlight accent. Sunlight is a light yellow shade that goes well with boots and a pair of jeans. This attire is perfect if you are meeting with friends over food and drinks.

Not only that, but you can also wear a sunlight coat if you are going somewhere formal. Pair it with a black top, slacks, and your favorite high-heels!

#8: Grape Compote

Following the punk culture in the 70s, purple hair is again a favorite of many, both men and women. Rocking purple hair will surely make you stand out, but if you are not comfortable with dyeing your hair, you can rock a grape compote wig. Grape compote is a darker shade of purple that goes well with clothes with light spring colors.

If a colored hair is not your thing, you can still rock the color through your clothes. Grape compote is not that common, so make sure that if you wear something in this color, it’s not covered in too many patterns.

purple dress


These are the spring colors that are in style this year. You can wear the perfect color that suits your mood and fashion sense. Remember, your clothes say a lot about you so make sure to wear that best describes your mood, fashion, and personality!