Spring Maintenance Tips

Spring Maintenance Tips For Fort Worth, Texas Homeowners

It’s heating up as spring rolls around again in Fort Worth, Texas. Now’s the perfect time for spring cleaning and decluttering. In addition, it is also a good idea to schedule some of your annual home maintenance projects to ensure you don’t forget them. This is especially important if you plan to sell a home this year. Unless you plan to sell your house directly to someone who buys homes for cash, it will be in your best interest to spruce up your home by getting spring maintenance. Here are some tips for your Fort Worth, Texas home to keep it looking its best whether you sell it or not.

Get an Air Conditioning Tune-up

It can get excruciatingly hot in Fort Worth, Texas, where temperatures can reach over 100° on any summer day. The last thing that you need on a sweltering day is to be without air conditioning. Instead of waiting for one of the busiest times of the year, it’s a good idea to get an air conditioning tune-up in the spring to ensure your air conditioner works properly throughout the warm seasons. An HVAC technician may replace filters, check for refrigerant leaks, lubricate parts, and check for any problems. If they discover you need to replace your air conditioner, they will encourage you to do so before summer.

Check Those Smoke Detectors

Fire detectors are still a great way to protect your family from a fire. But they can only do this effectively if they are working correctly. So now is an excellent time to ensure that you’re wired or battery-operated detectors work by testing them. For battery-operated fire detectors, it is an excellent idea to whole place all batteries with new batteries this season.

Consider Getting Solar Lighting

Fort Worth, Texas, gets plenty of sunlight throughout the year. So if you’re looking for ways to save on electricity bills, investing in solar lighting for your backyard or other areas of your property may be a good idea. This will be one of the most cost-effective solutions for illumination because this form of outdoor lighting operates using the sun’s power.

Pressure Wash Exteriors

Throughout the year, lots of dirt and grime can accumulate on the exterior surfaces of your home. Cobwebs can also cling to your windows and doors, making perfect breeding grounds for spiders that can get in your home. I had a pressure washer to clean the exterior surfaces of your home, such as your windows, siding, porches, driveways, and patios can make a huge difference, especially if you plan to sell your home soon.

Call Out the Exterminators

Fort Worth, Texas, may be crawling with plenty of Critters in Spring and summer. This is why it is a good idea to include pest control on your list of spring maintenance projects. Copperheads, water moccasins, brown recluses, and black widows are some seriously dangerous pests that are very common in this area. To avoid land with such creatures, hiring a pest control company to ensure these dangerous pests are on your property is a good idea. Additionally, it is a good idea to have them check for termites and carpenter ants, especially if you plan to throw your house soon.

As you plan for your spring cleaning activities, don’t forget to make spring maintenance a part of your plan. Juxtaposing maintenance duties with cleaning duties will ensure you always keep your house looking its best and functioning well.