Statement watches for 2023 1

Statement watches for 2023

Making a Statement

The new year ahead is the perfect opportunity to start or refine your collection of elegant accessories, like watches. With thousands of options to choose from, it can be challenging to find a watch that truly is a statement within itself because of its unique style and designer flair. Whether there are special holidays, family events, or your birthday approaching, make sure to give yourself a statement watch.

Women’s watches are the most timeless gift you can think of since, like bags and shoes, they are essential in daily life and always add a touch of personality to any outfit. A perfect statement watch will make you look classy whether in the office, at a cocktail party, or an official gala, so make sure to consider the best options before choosing the watch you’ll wear for years ahead. Here are seven statement watches for 2023.

Watches You Should Check Out

Statement watches for 2023 2

1.        Seiko Women’s Rose Gold Watch

Women’s watches often share certain characteristics; they are sober, simple, and durable. However, many statement watches go beyond that description to offer an unparalleled style to the wearer. The Seiko Women’s Rose Gold Watch is a perfect example of a fun and practical watch for everyday life. Its water-resistant functioning and high-quality Quartz movement make it an ideal choice when looking for a statement watch.

2.      Cartier Tank Française Watch

This iconic French classic is a must-have statement watch for 2023. The Cartier Tank Française Watch is a powerful yet graceful watch that hasn’t fallen in popularity since its first sale in 1916. This hundred plus years-old watch remains the top stylistic choice of the decade, with its different sizes and materials depending on your preferences. Its durability and quality will make you happy that you got it.

3.        Tissot Ballade Women’s Multicolor Watch

The Tissot Ballade Analogue Multicolor Watch for Women is the perfect example of a stunning timepiece that has both character and efficiency. Its rose gold 30mm round body and cozy stainless steel watch band make it an exquisite and comfortable wristwatch. The Tissot Ballade Analogue Multicolor Watch also has a high-quality Automatic movement and is water resistant. It is powered by an automatic watch mechanism, meaning you’ll never need a new battery.

4.        Raymond Weil Toccata Analogue Watch

The Raymond Weil Toccata Analogue Watch is one of those rare models that will look just as great on a woman as on a man. This beautiful model is fitted with a stainless-steel case and a quartz movement. Its surrounding blue dial is held within a stylish silver case and silver strap.


5.        Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Watch

The Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso Watch, in its many forms and colors, is an indispensable companion to any energetic outfit or style. It is also an essential women’s watch for someone who likes to see the difference between day and night, as the face is changeable depending on the time of day and your mood and event. Its stainless steel and blending of primary colors with silver tones make it a statement watch that looks smooth and rocks.

6.        Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas Watch

The Bulgari Serpenti Tubogas Watch combines two of the most famous designs of Bulgari: the serpent’s sinuosity and the tubogas’ modern soul. The watch’s uniquely shaped clock is made with sculptural lines with a flexible and tubular litheness. This demonstrates a fluid and original shape unseen in most timepieces. This seductive watch is the perfect statement for women and all watch lovers due to its uniqueness and persona that exudes beauty and timelessness.

7.        Gucci Dive 45mm Steel Watch

The Gucci Dive 45mm Steel Watch is a classic yet unique statement watch due to its bio-based nature and unisex style. The watch features a never-seen-before, innovative design made of bio-based materials, making it a unique model. Its steel and rubber materials and bio-based recycled steel make it a statement watch for 2023. Although the timepiece holds a sporty attitude, it is also complemented with cloth, rubber, and steel straps, and of course, the Gucci House emblems such as the bee and the feline head, making it a Gucci must-have.