Steps To Take if Dealing With Workplace Sexual Harassment

Steps To Take if Dealing With Workplace Sexual Harassment

Sometimes it is difficult to figure out if what you are going through only feels intimidating to you, or it is also legally wrong. It is crucial to understand what sexual harassment is to tell when someone is crossing the line.

All unwelcome sexual moves requests for sexual favors or any verbal or physical conduct of sexual nature is deemed sexual harassment. In simple words, if someone states or even implies that agreeing to have a romantic involvement with them will determine whether you get a job, keep the job, or even get a promotion, that is sexual harassment.

If you feel you are going through sexual harassment at your workplace, here are the steps to take.

Report to HR and Management

Most companies have policies that forbid any harassment at the workplace. It would be best to copy these policies before deciding to report the case to HR and management. Read through the procedure of reporting harassment, and choose the avenue that seems comfortable to you; maybe you prefer mailing to call.

Also, ensure to have your policy copy outside your workplace if your work contract is terminated following the claim. It will enable you to follow up on the case. If your employment contract is completed, a sexual harassment lawyer near me can be of great help.

Contact a Lawyer

Suppose your harasser is the company director, and the company policy states that you should report sexual harassment to your supervisor. Junior staff can’t question the seniors. In this case or other related circumstances, you need professional guidance.

Getting assistance from a sexual harassment lawyer near you will lessen your emotional and mental burden. The lawyer will help prepare to report the harassment, help you protect yourself, and assist you during the sexual investigation. A good lawyer will also help analyze any retaliatory action your employer may take against you.

Ensure You Document Everything

Unfortunately proof of guilt befalls the victim, make sure to document any inappropriate behavior. It could be a book or recorded audio or video. It would be helpful to give a specific date, time, and specific comments or behavior.

Sometimes you do not know if you want to take a step or not. If you consider seeking help from a sexual harassment lawyer, they will guide you on putting together timelines. However, document it if the situation worsens and you decide to take legal actions.

Consider a Change

Consider making a change if you face sexual mistreatment at your workplace and do not want to report it or seek legal assistance from a sexual harassment lawyer near me. You do not need to endure the emotional or mental torture; looking for another employer could be the best option.

If you are financially stable, you can quit at once and look for another job opportunity when no one is harassing your everyday life. However, suppose your financial status does not allow you to leave your job; you can still search for a better job opportunity while still working and give notice once you get it.

Final Thought

Do not stay quiet about sexual harassment at the workplace. Always make it clear that it is unwelcome and if the behavior persists, consider taking a proactive  approach. Most importantly, seek professional help when need be.