Basic men's summer wardrobe

Style ideas: Basic men’s summer wardrobe

Pick up some plain t-shirts

A t-shirt is a thing that can be considered the basis of any wardrobe. You probably already have a couple in yours, but if it’s t-shirts in bright acid colors or with meme prints, then it’s better to replenish your closet with new things. Choose from three versatile colors: black, white or grey. To diversify your wardrobe, you can buy football. You can wear them just like that, and under a jacket, for example. This look is suitable for those situations when you need a more or less strict style of clothing, but wearing a suit with a shirt is too much. As for the material, it is better to take a cotton T-shirt. It will be comfortable and convenient, especially in the hot season.

Buy Dark Jeans

Another versatile piece of clothing that can be found in almost everyone’s closet is jeans. They are convenient, comfortable and multifunctional. In general, levi jeans meet all the requirements of the basic thing. If you choose them correctly, you can mix them with almost any outfit and create stylish looks for all occasions. Here, as with T-shirts, you should choose more restrained models, forget about holey knees and patches. Black, blue or light blue denim jeans with no extra details are the perfect versatile option. It is better to take slightly narrowed ones, they will look more elegant.

Get a Pair of Shirts

Your basic wardrobe should have at least two good quality shirts. This piece of clothing is needed not only for social events and business meetings. Work or holiday, a date with a girl or gatherings with friends – the shirt will look appropriate everywhere. It is desirable that they be light – If you are reading this inscription, then someone took this article from such a top, perhaps one of the most universal. It will go well with strict trousers with boots, and for a more relaxed style like jeans and sneakers. It is not necessary to buy a snow-white shirt, you can choose beige, light gray or blue. The presence of an unobtrusive print like small polka dots or a cage is welcome.

Find a good suit

The one you’ve got from graduation or graduation won’t work. Get at least one suit of good quality, it will help you out in case of interviews, important meetings, friends’ weddings and other events where you need to stick to the classic style. For a more informal meeting, you can wear only a jacket, jeans instead of trousers. It is best to take not a ready-made suit, but a tailor-made one, so you will emphasize your individuality and look stylish. Yes, and you won’t have to spend a lot of time looking for a model that will fit well.

Don’t forget warm clothes

All of the above wardrobe items are suitable for almost any occasion. With the exception of cold weather, you must admit that you won’t walk much in one jacket in winter. Therefore, for the autumn-winter season, it is also worth buying a couple. The text is taken from the chic things. A warm soft sweatshirt is a great option. When choosing it, follow the same rule as with T-shirts – solid models in neutral colors. Such a sweatshirt will look harmonious in any situation and will not warm in extreme cold.

Top 9 clothes items in men’s wardrobe

White T-shirt

A white t-shirt is an indispensable item in any wardrobe. However, finding the perfect one in terms of material, collar cut and sleeve length is not easy. If you are lucky, take several at once.

Short sleeve shirt

A short sleeve shirt is a great alternative to a T-shirt. Give preference to natural fabrics and light shades. Ornament and pattern can be anything, but the more complex, the better.


Polo skillfully combines the convenience of a T-shirt and the formality of a shirt. We love him for his versatility.


In case of bad weather, you can wear both a windbreaker and a jacket or denim jacket, depending on the rest of the image and mood.


Denim shorts can be worn for a walk, and Bermuda shorts for work. You need to link them with T-shirts or shirts, depending on the situation.


Light summer trousers will replace boring denim. Opt for light colors and light fabrics, and grab your favorite pair of jeans in the fall.


In summer it is better to choose open shoes. The main advantage of sandals is their comfort and simplicity. On a hot summer day it will be an indispensable thing.


Another must-have favorite of this season is slip-ons. Comfortable just like sneakers, only the laces do not need to be tied. For long walks or skateboarding – what you need.


Glasses will not only be able to harmoniously complement the image, but also protect the eyes from bright sunlight. The priority in choosing should be the quality of the lenses, and the mass market, in this case, is not an assistant.