Swallowing Exercises For A Child With Swallowing Difficulty

Swallowing Exercises For A Child With Swallowing Difficulty

A lot of individuals suffer from swallowing difficulty. This is a particular condition where the individual is unable to swallow or faces difficulty while swallowing food or liquids.

It has been seen that a lot of elderly adults often suffer from swallowing difficulty or Dysphagia. There can be several reasons behind it. At the same time, a lot of solutions are available to try to at least make the situation better.

Often children also experience swallowing difficulties, or they are afraid to get the food stuck in their throat. Dealing with children is a little challenging. You have to ensure proper safety. Also, a lot of children do not like to take medication due to this very reason.

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Swallowing Exercises For A Child With Swallowing Difficulty

When it comes to your children, you always go for the best way. You might be happy to know that there are some swallowing exercises that might help your child mitigate the swallowing difficulties or at least try to swallow foods and liquids.

Here we will guide you with the most effective exercises. These exercises are really effective; with regular attempts, these can help your child combat swallowing difficulties. We will recommend you monitor or advocate, for your child while they are doing it.

Now, without wasting any more time, let’s get to the actual topic.

Exercise 1: Shaker exercise 

  • Ask your child to lie flat on her or his back.
  • Now, tell your child to raise the head a little off the ground to look at the toes.
  • Ask them to hold this position for 10 seconds, and then ask them to lie again straight on their back.
  • Now, repeat it 5 times and twice a day.

Exercise 2: Tongue-hold swallow 

  • While doing this exercise, ask your child to stick their tongue and hold the tip of the tongue between the lips.
  • Now, ask them to try swallowing their own saliva while holding the tongue between their lips.

Exercise 3: Effortful swallow

  • During swallowing saliva or dry swallowing, your child to swallow as hard as it can be. Now, repeat the same up to 10 times at once. It is recommended to do this exercise twice or thrice a day.
  • This same exercise also can be conducted with small sips of fluid.

Exercise 4: Pre-feeding massage

This particular type of massage might help you alter and prepare your little angel during feeding. You need to massage in a particular way with firm, slow strokes. Follow these below-mentioned steps for the massage.

  • You need to massage with two of your thumbs, starting at the top of the forehead, moving them slowly yet firmly round the face, and ending at the cheeks and the corners of your mouth.
  • Now massage the same way starting from the same two points and massage down the nose bridge ending at both the corners of the nose.
  • Now it is time to spread the area above the upper lip.
  • Now massage from the chin to the lower lip.
  • Now massage both cheeks together in a curved path.

Exercise 5: Temperature stimulation 

  •  First, dip a spoon into warm or cold water to feed your child. Here you also can use lemon juice in the cold or hot water in order to add sour stimulation.
  • Now, feed your child a warm or cold EMPTY spoon in order to help your child stimulate swallowing.
  • Now repeat this 10 times and twice a day.

Try Them Now!

So, now you know teh swallowing exercise that will surely help you make your child swallow foods easily without many difficulties. Always make sure that your child is doing the exercise in the proper way, just the way we have described in the above section.