The fox and the grapes

The 10 Best Inspirational Short Stories for children

Inspirational short stories are so creatively made that they are quick to read but have lasting impressions on our minds. They are easy to conceive and can impact our way of thinking. We realize our mistakes and learn many virtues through them. Therefore, children are encouraged to read these stories, which can somewhere have an impact in their lives.

So here are the 10 best inspirational stories for children:

1.     A pound of butter

A pound of butter

Once there lived a farmer in a small town. The farmer used to sell a pound of butter to a local baker on regular basis. One day, the baker weighed the butter to ensure that he was getting the right amount. But the result was that he was not getting adequate amount of butter. This angered the baker and he decided to sue the farmer.

The judge inquired the farmer whether he had proper weighing measures. The farmer replied that he did not possess an adequate weight but he used a way-perfect method to weigh the butter. The judge then asked the farmer to explain the way in which he weighed the butter. The farmer replied that even before the baker started buying his butter, he used to buy one pound of loaf from him. So each day, he put the loaf on the scale and gave him the same amount of butter as the bread. So, it was ultimately the baker’s fault.

MORAL: As you sow, so shall you reap! If you cheat others, you will get the same in return.


2.     The wise sage

The wise sage

Once there lived an old sage on a hill. People came to him and repeatedly asked him the same question. One day, in order to teach them a lesson, he told a joke. On hearing to which everyone rumbled into laughter. Then, the sage repeated the joke. This time, no one laughed. Then the sage explained to them that when they cannot laugh over the same thing again, they must not even cry about the same problems.

MORAL:  Over thinking about the same thing only wastes time and energy.


3.     The greedy lion

The greedy lion

Once, a lion was very hungry. He looked for food all around his den and then he found a small hare. After catching him, he thought that it would not be sufficient to fill his stomach. Just when he was about to kill the hare, he saw a deer and the greedy lion thought of eating him instead of the small hare. The hare freed from his clutches hid behind a tree and even the deer was successful in escaping into the forest. Ultimately the lion’s greed left him without having anything to eat.

MORAL:  We must be not be greedy and must be satisfied with whatever we possess.


4.     The blind girl

The blind girl

There lived a girl who was blind and she hated herself because of this reason. She did not like anyone except for his lover because he was the one who was stood behind her at all times. She promised him that if he was successful in showing her the world, she would marry him . After a few days, she was donated eyes by someone and she could very well see the world.

Then, her lover asked her that as she was able to see this beautiful world, so would she marry him? But the girl was startled to see that the boy was blind and so she denied marrying him. As the boy walked away with tears in his eyes he told the girl to take care of his eyes.

MORAL: We stop valuing the most valuable people/things as the circumstances change.


5.     The fox and the grapes

The fox and the grapes

One day a fox found a bunch of grapes hanging down a tree. He thought that it would be most suitable for him to eat them. The fox jumped up high to eat them but he was not successful in getting them. After several attempts, he still did not succeed in eating the grapes. So ultimately he said that the grapes are sour.

MORAL:  It becomes easy for someone to say bad about things that one cannot possess.


6.     The obstacle

The obstacle

One day, a king placed a large stone on the road and then hid himself close by to see who would clear the path. The wealthiest courtiers just walked away without removing the boulder. A lot of people even blamed the king and accused him of not maintaining clear roads. But, they did not do anything to get rid of big stone. After a while, a peasant came across the large stone. The man put down his load and succeeded in removing that obstacle from the path. When the peasant went back to pick up his load, he found a purse filled with gold coins along with a note from the King saying that it was a reward for him for removing the stone from the road .

MORAL: Every obstacle that comes in our path gives an opportunity in life.


7.     The irresponsible students

The irresponsible students

Once there were four students who partied the night before their exam. They partied the entire night but studied nothing before the exam. The next morning, they thought of a plan to escape the exam. They made themselves dirty with dirt and grease and told their principal that they went to a wedding the previous night and their car’s tyre bursted on their way back.

So, they had to push the car and they were not in the condition to give the exam. After thinking, the principal gave them 3 days to prepare for the exam . After 3 days, all 4 of them came prepared.  As it was a special condition test, they had to sit in 4 different classes. But the question paper to their surprise only consisted of 2 questions.

The first question asked their names, which was for one mark and the second question of 99 marks asked which one of the 4 tyres bursted.

MORAL: You will pay back later if you do not take your responsibilities seriously.


8.     The gold box of kisses

The gold box of kisses

One day, a man punished his young daughter for wasting the gold wrapping paper to cover an empty box to place underneath the Christmas tree. The next day, the girl took the box to her father and told him that it was his Christmas gift. The man felt bad for yelling at his daughter the previous day. But when he opened the box, it was empty and this raged him more. He asked in anger whether she knew that when we gift something it should not be empty. The girl with tears in her eyes, told him that it wasn’t empty but she had blown kisses into it. The man was so embarrassed and he repented for his mistake.

A few days later, the girl died meeting with an accident. Since then, her father kept that gold box beside his bed and whenever he missed her, he would open the box and remembered his child’s love.

MORAL:  There is nothing more valuable than love in this world.


9.     The frogs in the pit

The frogs in the pit

Once, a group of frogs were roaming in the forests. While roaming, two of the frogs fell into a deep pit. When the other frogs saw them, they thought it was impossible for them to get out from there. Still, the two frogs tried to get out of there. But still, the other frogs were discouraging them to stop their efforts. Ultimately, one frog out of them took their advice into account and stopped his efforts to move outside the pit. But the other one continued his efforts and succeeded in getting out. Once out, the other frogs asked him whether he heard them and the frog explained that he was deaf and thought of it as an encouragement from his group.

MORAL: We must always think before we speak because it might make a big difference in people’s lives.


10.    The slave and the lion

The slave and the lion

Once, there was a slave who was fed up of serving his master. So, he ran away into the forest. There, he saw a lion that had a thorn in his paw. The slave helped the lion and removed the thorn from his paw. After some days, the master came to the forest for hunting. He caught many animals and caged them. Master’s other servants even found the slave and on their master’s order, they put him inside the lion’s cage. The slave expected the lion to eat him but it was the same lion whom the slave had helped. Hence, the lion didn’t eat him and the slave was successful in saving the caged animals.

MORAL: We always get rewards for our good deeds.

So, these were the best inspirational stories for children, which would inspire them to reflect on their deeds and they would learn many virtues. If you haven’t had enough books and are looking for something to read with your child, check out Best Books to Read for Certain Grades for kids.