The Benefits of Air Filters for Pet Owners How to Reduce Pet Dander and Odors

The Benefits of Air Filters for Pet Owners: How to Reduce Pet Dander and Odors

Most of us have pets or aspire to have pets in the future. Taking care of another living creature is a huge responsibility. If the air is not purified, it can harm both the pet and the pet owner. And sometimes, we suffer from allergies that keep us from owning a beloved pet. All these problems can be solved by residential HVAC filters. The air purifiers in our homes can reduce pet dander and other allergens and can also keep the air odorless.

Benefits of Air Filters for Pet Owners

Just like us, our pets also breathe in the air in our indoor environment. Even though air filters are necessary for all households, pet owners need them as a mandatory home appliance. There are many benefits of having an air filter at home for pet owners:

Reduces Pet Dander

The fur and hair shed by our furry friends are the main reason for allergies. This pet dander can also pollute the indoor air by floating around everywhere. These are hard to control and tend to stick to all types of clothing and furniture. Custom Filters Direct offers quality air filters can trap pet dander and keep the air clean.

Reduces Odor

Even though your pets are properly trained and always kept clean, they still create a certain type of odor that can be uncomfortable. HVAC air filters can trap odor particles inside and keep the air smelling fresh and clean.

Makes the Air Safe to Breathe

With the current economy, city dwellers have to live in cramped, small apartments where the indoor air is mostly without any natural ventilation. This creates a lot of dust and other allergens in the air. These areas tend to produce molds easily too. So air filters are a must to keep the air quality high and to remove any dust particles, pollen, mold, etc., that can harm your pet and yourself.

What to do to Reduce Pet Dander and Odor?

Air filters are highly necessary to keep the air clean and pollutants free. The cleaning capacity and lasting duration differ according to different air filter sizes like 5.88×12.13×1 air filters, 13×21.5×1 air filters. But all air filters need to be taken care of on a regular basis.

Which air filter is suitable for pet owners

Each HVAC unit has a different capacity filter size. For pet dander and allergies you’ll want filter with a MERV 8 to a MERV 13 rating. Filters with a MERV 8 rating or higher can effectively remove pet dander from the air. On average, MERV 13 filters remove 98% of particles present in the air.

Arrange Proper Maintenance

The main job of air filters is to trap harmful particles and to let in clean air that can circulate indoors. This causes the filter to get clogged if not cleaned every few months. A dirty filter can do more harm than good. So all HVAC units need to be checked for dirty filters regularly.

Are the Filters Safe for Pets?

All air filters and HVAC machines are made to be acceptable to all clients. That means the air filters do not harm the animals at all; in fact, they can help our pets. Just like humans, pets can have allergies too, and clean air will help them immensely.


Our homes are our safe havens. Spending time indoors should not be taxing as this environment is something we want to be welcoming to us. But often, due to faulty air filters, the air gets polluted. As indoor air cannot be cleaned in natural ways, it is up to us to keep the air high quality. And if we have pets living in the same environment as us, they also need proper taking care. But pets can contribute to pet dander and odor which must be eliminated with the help of air filters