The Best 3-Column Radiators For Homes in 2023

The Best 3-Column Radiators For Homes in 2023

When it comes to heating your home, there’s an abundance of radiator options out there to choose from. However, the 3-column radiator is a classic that can offer your home or business plenty of heat output while adding to the aesthetic value of your space.

As 3-column radiators are one of the more common types of radiator out there, it can be hard to narrow down what brands and radiator models to shop for, and that’s what this article is all about.

In today’s article, we’ll look at some of the best 3-column radiators to grace the market so you can invest in something long-lasting for 2023 and beyond.

Let’s start with the following;

Trade Direct 3-Column Vertical Radiator

This fantastic radiator provides the exceptional heating capability to rooms with particularly high ceilings or spaces with limited horizontal wall space.

For instance, this radiator works very well for living rooms with high ceilings, as you can get more bang for your buck by heating the whole room efficiently. This radiator will also excel in places like stairwells that tend to be tall but narrow.

The 1800mm x 200mm sizing option for this radiator has the following technical specifications:

  • An impressive BTU of 2317
  • A wattage requirement of 679W
  • A 15-year guarantee from the manufacturer
  • Mild steel radiator chassis
  • Side value entry and exit ports
  • CE approved and certified to BS EN442
  • 5mm projection from the wall
  • 280mm pipe centres

This specific model is available in a range of finish options, from anthracite to white, to black, and a host of other choices.

Price Range: £150 – £330.

Nordic 3-Column Horizontal Radiator

Another leading brand in the radiator industry is a fairly standard-sized horizontal radiator. Nordics are known for meticulous attention to producing excellent radiators for all spaces.

This particular radiator model suits almost any room due to its size and substantial heat output. Although, for larger rooms, consider multiple of the same radiator or a bigger radiator.

For the 500mm x 159mm size of this radiator, you can expect to be investing in the following specifications:

  • A modest BTU of 522
  • A power requirement of 153W
  • A 10-year guarantee from the manufacturer
  • 101mm projection from the wall
  • 239mm pipe centres
  • A side entry and exit port for valves
  • CE approved and certified to CE BS EN442
  • Made from mild steel

Like the above Trade Direct model, this radiator is available in various colours and finish options to ensure a colour for every aesthetic.

Price Range: £40 – £80.

Towelrads Windsor Plus 3-Column Horizontal Radiator

Our third entry on our list comes from the popular radiator and heated towel rail brand Towelrads – with their sleek, modern, and stylish Windsor Plus range. This type of radiator is excellent for spaces with a lot of horizontal walls and real estate and needs to heat a larger space. Think of hallways, lounges, or office space for business premises.

This model of radiator from Towelrads features smooth, bevelled columns on the chassis to promote a smooth and elegant look – great for those who want a more modern feel to their space.

For the 400mm x 376mm variation of this radiator model, you can expect the following:

  • A high output BTU of 1119
  • A relatively low power usage relative to the BTU with 328W
  • 456mm pipe centres
  • 70mm projection from the wall – great for narrow spaces
  • Mild steel radiator chassis
  • Eight sections for optimal heat dispersal
  • Side valve entry and exit point
  • Lightweight at only 12kg
  • 15-year guarantee from the manufacturer

The finishing touches, of course, depend on what you want for your space, but there are plenty of choices – even their standard white model looks great!

Price Range: £100 – £165.

Paladin Victoriana 3-Column Horizontal Radiator

For those looking for something more unique, a more traditional or even neo-traditional look, Paladin offers a reliable and gorgeous range of cast iron radiators worth your consideration.

These tend to be far more popular in businesses and public buildings but can blend nicely with a more ornate home aesthetic to prove themselves as head turners – not just a functional feature.

Paladin is known for making bespoke, made-to-measure radiators, meaning you’ll receive a radiator tailored to your space and needs.

The specifications for a radiator such as this (with 450 mm x 215 mm dimensions) are as follows:

  • A BTU of 822
  • A wattage requirement of 241W
  • 10-year guarantee from Paladin
  • 305mm pipe centres
  • Robust cast iron chassis
  • CE approved and certified to BS EN442
  • Relatively lightweight at only 10kg
  • Side value entry and exit ports

Out of all the radiator types on this list, Paladin has a wide variety of finishes in different colours and styles you need to see for yourself!

Price Range: £160+


Finding the right radiator for your home can be hard, but we hope this rundown of some of the best 3-column radiators has given you plenty of food for thought.

What brand will you be looking at?