The Best Way to Remove Your Junk in Sydney 2

The Best Way to Remove Your Junk in Sydney

Have you ever imagined how much waste is generated in this country? Several megatons (Mt) are generated every year and the numbers keep rising.

Between the years 2020 and 2021 alone, well over 70 mega tonnes of waste was generated from households, construction sites, industrial buildings, and commercial centres. To have a better perspective, that is waste weighing over 470 times the weight of the Sydney Opera House.

You can now imagine how much waste we have to deal with as a nation. You can check these reports from the Australian Circular Economy Hub for more information on this subject.

The New South Wales Environmental Protection Authority even has more work to do in a place like Sydney. This is because of its growing population as it is a major commercial and industrial mainstay in New South Wales and the entire country at large. Only Melbourne boasts of having more people by a little margin.

Given the sheer amount of waste generated in this city, residents need to use the best waste removal methods. To this end, this article will discuss the best way to remove junk in Sydney.

Using a Junk Removal Company – Best Way to Achieve a Junk-Free Sydney

The Best Way to Remove Your Junk in Sydney 3

There are various junk removal options open to Sydney residents. Some of them include renting a skip bin and making the most of the council’s cleanup services. However, none of these options and several others beats using the services of a Junk removal company.

This is because of the several benefits that these companies can offer Sydney residents. Some of the benefits in question include the following:

Less Stress

Dealing with junk can be a very stressful thing. This is especially when you are dealing with heavy or very dirty kinds. The good news with professional junk removal companies is that you do less with them.

This is because they do most of the work. For one, the loading of the rubbish before its disposal is done by them. This is a great deal of work, and they handle it. So, you should reach out to a competent junk removal company if the idea of removing junk the stress-free way tickles your fancy.

You do not get this luxury with several other alternatives. For example, making the most of the council’s cleanup services requires moving your rubbish by yourself. This can be quite stressful.

Renting a skip bin is way more convenient than using the council’s cleanup services. However, even the use of a skip bin does not offer as much convenience as engaging the services of a junk removal company. This is because you would still need to do the rubbish loading yourself. So, save yourself most of the trouble by reaching out to these professionals.

Proper Waste Disposal Techniques

The city of Sydney, New South Wales, and the whole of Australia generate a whole lot of waste as explained early on. Failure to properly dispose of these wastes will leave us with a crisis.

One of the sad implications is having our landfills filled to the brim and unable to take any more waste. It is therefore of utmost importance that wastes be properly disposed of.

Fortunately, the city of Sydney and all of New South Wales have not been doing badly in this regard. This is considering how most of the generated waste is recycled. A credible source gathered that a little over 60% of generated waste ends up recycled. This is great work by all stakeholders even though there can be improvement.

Junk removal companies play a huge role in this. As a result, people who use their services contribute significantly to proper waste disposal. This is given how these companies are experts at separating wastes and having them disposed of in the right places.

A lot of things they get from their clients end up at recycling plants. This contributes to the preservation of non-renewable resources and the protection of our landfills and waterways from the harmful effects of heavy chemicals.

Disposing of every kind of waste in the landfill is not only a problem because of heavy metals and their adverse environmental effects. It is also because of the space that some of these waste materials take up. A mattress is a prime example.

Such would take a long time to completely decompose in a landfill. This large size also means that it takes up lots of space. Fortunately, the best kinds of these companies will not dispose of your mattress in a landfill. Rather, they would put its various parts to good use by recycling them.

Some people would like to know why these companies are experts at properly disposing of waste. For starters, this is because they are trained to do so. Furthermore, it is one of the major requirements for licensing their operations in the city of Sydney and all of New South Wales.


Engaging the services of a reliable junk removal company is a smart move if you need your junk removed and disposed of quickly. The same cannot be said especially of council pickups. A lot of people who use council pickups have complaints about having to wait for a long time. Worse still, there are very few pickups.

You do not have to wait for long to have your rubbish removed and properly disposed of by junk removal companies. Some of these companies can even get the task done on the same day they are contacted. You can visit: for more information about this.

No Problems with Authorities

Some waste management techniques require that you seek the permission of the authorities. The use of a skip bin is a prime example. You are expected to inform and seek the permission of the council before using a skip bin.

The major reason for this is because of the environmental effects it could have before it is taken away. Thankfully, you would not have this challenge with a junk removal company.

The reason is that the rubbish is taken away instantly. By the way, these professionals handle the loading of waste, which helps in speeding up the process.

Everything Is Disposable

The Best Way to Remove Your Junk in Sydney

This is one of the major highlights of using the services of such companies. They accept all kinds of waste. At least, this is what you get by engaging the services of the best in this line of work.

The same cannot be said about the bin skip option. There are items that you will be banned from putting into the rented bin. Some of the popular ones include:

  • Asbestos
  • Chemicals
  • Thinners
  • Oil
  • Paint
  • Batteries
  • Gas Cylinders
  • Electronic Wastes
  • Rubber
  • Tires
  • Insulation Materials
  • Synthetic Grass

These are just a few of the things that will not be accepted in most skip bins. It is not any better with the council pickup option. This is especially given how they are fond of leaving some of the waste behind.

The situation is certainly different with junk removal companies. However, it is only ideal that you inform them about the sort of things you need them to dispose of. This is so that they can make adequate preparations.

Insurance Coverage

The services of these companies are usually covered by insurance. As a result, you have financial protection in the event of an accident while they are handling your waste. Also, this means that you are not liable for any damage that occurs while your waste is being handled.

However, this also means you should hire a sufficiently insured option. Some of the insurance coverage such a company should have includes auto property, worker’s compensation, professional indemnity, environmental liability, and liability insurance.

Saves You the Trouble of Having an Eyesore

These companies work promptly as pointed out early on. Some of them can come in and have your rubbish taken out the same day you contacted them. This is how fast they can be.

You would not have this luxury with either the council pickup or skip bin option. For the former, it is not unusual for people to wait for long before having their waste eventually picked up.

The situation is not too different with skip bins. You rent them and fill them up yourself. It takes a while (depending on your arrangement) before it is picked up by the skip bin company. This means that you are left with an eyesore until they come and take away the junk-filled skip bin.

On a Final Note

Avoid junk accumulation at all costs because of the many dangers associated with it. Pest infestation, adverse environmental impact, foul smell, structural compromise, and health hazards are some of the several reasons for this advice.

Additionally, waste disposal should be done the right way as pointed out here. This is why the best waste disposal option has been discussed in this article. Benefits such as insurance coverage, quick disposal, and eco-friendly practices make using the services of junk removal companies the best option for junk removal. You should therefore make the most of these companies.