best water villas in Maldives

The health benefits of living or vacationing by the beach.

It doesn’t matter which country that you are living in because as soon as the sun pops its head out from behind a cloud, we are loading up the car, the kids and the family dog and heading off to the beach. It is our go to place when the sun comes out because we know when we get there that we are going to feel good and it is going to make everyone happy. Every opportunity that we get, we make our way towards the ocean or close to it. You might want to top up your tan or you might just love playing around in the water. This is why when we go on vacation we always make sure that we book accommodation that is close to the ocean and if at all possible, in the ocean.

For those of you who think that in the ocean is not possible, you couldn’t be more wrong because you can find the best water villas in the Maldives and this is accommodation that is built right over the water. Many of these luxury villas have some glass on the floor where you can actually watch the fish swimming right by while you are sitting there relaxing. Statistics tell us that living or vacationing on or near the ocean is incredibly good for our health and there are many health benefits to be enjoyed from taking your vacation in one of these excellent water villas. The following are just some of those.

  • Increased happiness – You are probably going to have a big smile on your face anyway because you are taking a vacation in the Maldives, but it gets better because being in or around the ocean creates instant happiness. If you go to the beach and have a look around, you will see that everyone has a smile on their face and you would find it incredibly difficult to find someone who has a frown. Even if they did, it wouldn’t be too hard to turn that frown upside down by engaging them in some water sports.
  • Better mental health – Too many of us have high stress levels and our doctors have warned us about this time and time again. We put in many hours at the office and so our health begins to suffer as a direct result. Your mental health specifically is really affected and so if you’re feeling highly stressed then the best thing to do is to get into your car or onto your motorcycle and drive in the direction of the ocean. It is well documented that people who spend a lot of time in the ocean experience good mental health and people who live near the beach generally experience much lower levels of stress.

As well as the above benefits, we all become a lot more active when we are at the beach or in the water. This promotes more physical activity which is good for the heart and incredibly good for the lungs.